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Relationship/Marriage Episodes

March 03, 2023

How to Improve YOUR Relationships with EASE using these 7 Communication Techniques.

Are you tired of constantly hitting roadblocks in your relationships? Do you wish you could communicate with ease and truly connect with the people in your life? Well, get ready to say goodbye to those communication struggles and hello to harmonious ...

Personal Development Relationship/Marriage

February 24, 2023

Masculine Frame: 5 Traits to Develop That Women Want You to Have (Even if they say otherwise)

Looking to develop a stronger, more confident and attractive presence as a man? Join us for our latest show as we delve into the topic of developing a masculine frame with the five traits that women really want you to have. Our experts will guide you...

Mindset Relationship/Marriage Masculinity

February 22, 2023

Unleashing Fatherhood Potential: Dr Kaleb Valdez on Supporting Birth and Early Parenting

Let's challenge the taboo and be informed, respectful and present; advocating for the birth team and supporting a connected experience for dads, moms and babies. "Be an active participant in this thing. Don't let anybody tell you you can't have an op...

Fatherhood/Parenting Relationship/Marriage Health And Fitness

February 08, 2023

How to Run a Business with YOUR Spouse | Podcasters Answer

In this episode of The Fallible Man Podcast, we bring you a panel of 4 dynamic couples who have successfully merged their work and relationship. Join us as they share their insights and experiences on navigating the ups and downs of working with your...


February 03, 2023

How to get your A game back in your Marriage: Fix Your Mindset

Is the Honeymoon period over? A few years down the road and wondering what happened? The good news is you’re not alone and it’s nothing you can’t recover. The majority of couples hit this cross road, but couples that last do something about it. Will ...


February 01, 2023

Out of the Fog: Healing from Toxic Relationships for Men with Shannon Petrovich

After learning from her own toxic relationship, Shannon Petrovich takes an assertive approach to reclaiming her self-worth and healing her broken heart - while discovering the powerful tools needed to help others do the same. "That you really should ...

Relationship/Marriage Mental Health

January 06, 2023

Am I Translating What You Say Accurately? | Communication between the Sexes

If you have ever heard your partner say “Thanks for taking care of that for me” and translated it to “Your getting lucky tonight”  or less extreme, She said “I had a really hard day today with my coworker” and you thought “I will fix it” Then you may...