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This is Holding YOU Back with Ghostbed Founder Marc Werner

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you want to excel in business, build that side hustle or move ahead at your job? Do you want to be healthy, happy and enjoy your life? How about just being a better person?  Marc Werner and I are sharin...

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you want to excel in business, build that side hustle or move ahead at your job? Do you want to be healthy, happy and enjoy your life? How about just being a better person?  Marc Werner and I are sharing some insights into what is holding you back from achieving all the things you are dreaming about.

Marc Werner is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of GhostBed. He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and self-made people, and has been working since he was six years old. Marc is passionate about inventing new products and building markets, and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of sleep for everyone.

We think about our diets and exercise all the time, you can find a million videos on YouTube between the two.  How about the over looked part of that recipe’ SLEEP. Here are some numbers for you.

  1. 68% of Americans struggle to sleep at least once a week. Consumer Reports
  2. 41% of people use over-the-counter sleep aids several times a week. Consumer Reports
  3. 50 to 70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. American Sleep Association
  4. People who get 5 to 6 hours of sleep are 4.2 times more likely to get sick over people who sleep 7 hours or more. Science Magazine
  5. The financial impact of sleep deprivation in the U.S. is $411 billion annually — the same amount as cybercrime. Rand

The simple fact is that bad sleep habits can cost you a lot more than most people realize. It is a critical foundation for a healthy and prosperous life.

  • In this episode we discuss:
  • Who is Marc Werner
  • Generational Businesses
  • The importance of failures in achieving success
  • The Science behind a better nights sleep
  • Who is Ghostbed
  • The impact of poor sleep habits
  • How to increase the quality of your Sleep


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[00:00:00] Marc Werner: Failures is part of success. You, you don't bat a hundred, you know, a great batter, you know, bat's, 3s a hit. But you know, in the business, you know, you're hoping you get so you're just ahead, yours a lots, and that's how you get better and you keep.

[00:00:22] David Dowlen: Here's the million dollar question. How do men like us reach our full potential and grow into the men we dream of being while taking care of our responsibilities, working, being good husbands, fathers, and still take care of ourselves?

[00:00:38] That's the question in this podcast. We'll help you with those answers. My name is Brent and welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast.

[00:00:45] Welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast. Your home for all things, man, husband, and father. Big shout out to Fallible Nation. You guys make this all possible and a warm welcome to our first time listeners.

[00:00:54] My name is Brent. Today my special guest is founder and CEO of Ghost Bed Marc Werner. Marc, welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast.

[00:01:02] Marc Werner: Cool. Welcome to you Brent, and thank you for having me today.

[00:01:06] David Dowlen: I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule, sir. This is not easy to run a company and take time to do things like this, so thank.

[00:01:14] Marc Werner: It's my pleasure. You, I enjoy doing these things and meeting lots of different people. And ironically, I understand you're also organic bed customer, which is awesome. I am. I

[00:01:23] David Dowlen: am Sarah and I have been sleeping on a ghost bed, I wanna say for about three years, three and a half years now. Very, very pleased with the product.

[00:01:30] So wonderful night's sleep. Thank you. Now, Marc, I don't do big overblown introductions because you can read accolades and that just doesn't mean anything to people. I want them to connect. The people I have on the show, I want my audience to really know who you are. So in your own words, who is

[00:01:47] Marc Werner: Marc Werner?

[00:01:49] Well, I would say I'm a, I'm a older guy. Just to give context, if you're not seeing me, I'm 65 and I've been working since I'm about six. And I come from a hard working family of entrepreneurs and self-made people over five generations. And in fact, I have family members in, in in history going back a couple hundred years in, in our country.

[00:02:12] And so our family have been engineers, inventors and my grandfather started the the Werner Company, which in my dad invented the werner ladder, the aluminum ladder first aluminum ladder and step ladder, extension ladder. And then he invented fiberglass and the fiberglass. I was his little lab assistant at the time with the fiberglass, so I had a great background in in Poly.

[00:02:37] And that I've been kinda grew up in the factory and we had a lot of factories. And Werners the largest ladder guy in, in the, in the country, in the world actually. I think we got from zero to 85% Marcet share took years. But we got, and and then we had a liquidity event 25 years ago.

[00:02:55] And then my wife and I started what. Nature sleep originally, 20 20, 23 years ago in Chicago. And then we then added the ghost bed brand. So I've been a, what I would call a serial entrepreneur. I've invented a lot of things. Most people weigh themselves once a day, once a week, whenever, and they get on a scale.

[00:03:16] I'm the guy who invented the digital bathroom. So curse at me for that. And, and that was fun. And that was a long time ago. And I've been inventing a lot of stuff. I have a bunch of patents here. I did a lot of stuff when I was at the Werner Company in different different roles over, over my tenure there.

[00:03:34] And I just like, you know, working hard and kind of doing the right thing. And my grandfather, I, I loved this expression statement always said that. Profits follow quality. So if you kind of do the right thing over, over time, you'll be rewarded. It could be economics, it could be just general satisfaction, whatever, but just do the right thing.

[00:03:54] So that's kinda of when, when my wife and I started this we just wanted to make high quality products at a affordable cost. And we really focused on memory. And I've I was an athlete, had three neck surgeries in my ears. And so I have a bad neck and a bad back. I've got, you know, probably see some scars in the front, in the back and it makes life difficult and it it more difficult as you get older cause it just solidified.

[00:04:20] So I was always looking for a pillow and mattress that worked for me. So 20 odd years ago, I just decided to take my polymer experience with fiber. And which were structural polymers and then converted into what we call comfort polymers. Just reconstituting similar chemistry into into a pillow and mattress and talked my wife into let's start this business.

[00:04:41] And I love family business. I come from a family business. And so I really wanted to have a family business with my wife and my kids, and then hopefully my grandkids. They're still on the young side right now, the grandkids. And, and we've, we've done that and we've built that up over 20 years. And that's what we like to do.

[00:04:59] And I love inventing new products, building Marcets. I've got something brand new that we're introducing in at the furniture Marcet in Las Vegas in January. That's, Patent pending and will be a completely new category in the mattress space. I wanna say what its right now, but it's a big thing and it, I would say it's on scale of being something like when Tempur-Pedic first kinda introduced memory foam 30 odd years ago.

[00:05:25] And when Inner Springs were first developed, I think it's a major. Type of mattress category, that would be a really big thing. We're super excited about it. We've worked on it for a while and we've got it perfected and I think a lot of people really love it, not just in the United States, but all around the world.

[00:05:41] So that's kind of, at a boring high level of who Marc Werner is. And, you know, we just like to, we'd like to make quality products and get it to the customer. And our greatest satisfaction is when the customer. And that's, that's a win. So I love reading the, all the reviews. I'm thrilled with the, with the good ones.

[00:05:58] When I see something where someone's not happy, that's an action item. That just means we need to go figure out what's wrong. You know, why didn't this product get to the person on time or what they didn't like about it? And see how we can improve it and, and reach out to the customer. I reach out to a lot of customers and, and try to, you know, I want.

[00:06:15] That's, you know, I, I'm into non economics, you know, I'm just into, you know, doing the right thing and then, you know, getting those kinds of rewards. And that's how we, you know, teach everyone at our company. It's that, that's the culture. It's one big family business. Everyone that works here is part of the family.

[00:06:31] And whenever I hire someone, we always say, and I always say that you're gonna have good days and you're gonna have bad days. We're not gonna worry about the bad days. You know, we're just gonna focus on the good days cause we're. You know, we all, you know, have bad days and, you know, make mistakes and be grumpy or just stuff's happening and we just need to be sensitive to that and just move forward and just focus on the good days.

[00:06:55] That's kinda our spirit and our attitude.

[00:06:57] David Dowlen: That is a lot to impact. Marc , there is so much. I, I was familiar. I was really, I did not know when we, we first set this up that you were a part of that Werner Family. Cause I have a construction back. I've been crawling up and down Werner Ladders for a very long time.

[00:07:14] Marc Werner: Okay. So you know the quality that we, we have in a Werner ladder.

[00:07:17] David Dowlen: I do. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's one out there in my shedding right now.

[00:07:20] Marc Werner: Second to none. To none. That's why we Marcet, you know, it's a safety product. You know, you're up there four or 36 feet mm-hmm. you safety, and when you fall, the GForce, the gravitational forces just pull you down and you get really.

[00:07:36] So you've gotta have a great product in everything you do. And we made ladders and stages and s and scaffolds and you, it, I mean we were, we dominated that space. We didn't start dominating, we just started getting into it and then a quality product. And we had invent invented, but he invented the machines to make that was as complex.

[00:07:55] And even I could only assume, Yeah, it just very complex stuff. But after the patents were off, no one could copy it cause they couldn't figure out how to.

[00:08:05] David Dowlen: Okay, now I didn't know about the bathroom scale, so yeah, I'm sure there's a love hate relationship on that. Yes, . Yeah, I know I've, I've stepped onto my digital scale more than once and gone, Oh, I kinda hate this right now, but that's my own fault.

[00:08:20] Not, not, not the scales. And I'm

[00:08:22] Marc Werner: happy to share a little bit more on that, that bathroom scale. So if you're, if you're.

[00:08:27] David Dowlen: Okay, well we may get, We may get there. So you're part of a fifth generation family business, which is huge. That's, that's incredible. I love to see that because you don't hear about that near as off anymore.

[00:08:38] Just that generational family business is an amazing model. And then you split off with your wife and you guys started your own mattress thing. Was that okay with the rest of the family? Did that cause any rts there?

[00:08:51] Marc Werner: So, so what we did, we had what we call a liquidity event. So after in this Werner Ladder business mm-hmm.

[00:08:57] we decided, cause we had so many generations and so many people, and you had more people not active in the business than active in the business. Mm-hmm. and they had their kinda liquidity needs and lifestyle needs that we thought we should have a weekly event. So we, we did that and then it really. Me to retire from that stage of my life.

[00:09:18] Then, and then my dad and my uncles were getting up the retirement age and we're all, I've been working 80 hours a week my whole life and my, I do that's.

[00:09:27] And my, my grandfather, not only you start the Werner Company. He was in World War I in World War ii. He was a lieutenant colonel. He worked for Hoover as a Gman and the fbi. You know, he did a lot of things. Cause the Werner Company when it started was just small. Mm-hmm. , you know, now you think it's this big company with 40 factories.

[00:09:45] But back then it was just a little thing and it was self-funded. You know, he started that business to really, to make dinner money for his brothers and sisters. And it wa wasn't, it wasn't too complex. A hundred plus years ago. You know, people are just lower income and just keeping it simple.

[00:10:03] David Dowlen: Okay, so let me ask, I, I've got, I've been dying to ask this question.

[00:10:09] How did you come up with Ghost Bed? Like the name, how did y'all decide? Ghost bed.

[00:10:15] Marc Werner: So, as a kid I was always afraid and fearful of ghost sleeping under my bed and so I was telling my head of sales. 10 15 years ago or something about that story. And he said, You know, that'd be a great name for our, our new brand.

[00:10:33] Cause our company was called Nature Sleep at the time, focused on wholesale distribution of mattresses and pillows. So I said yeah, that is a great name. And so we just decided Ghost Bed will be the name. It's easy to remember. It's fun. It's easy to spell. About the. And that's just what it's been.

[00:10:52] You know, a lot of names are kind in the fun category and funky. So, it was a perfect name and it describes kinda the product. And then we have ghost sheets and ghost pillows, so everything kinda works off of that moniker of Ghost. So it's just a fun, friendly kinda a thing. And then everyone loves our logo.

[00:11:08] We've got the Little Ghost guy. Oh yeah. And you know, we can put Halloween costumes on him. We can put Christmas hats on 'em. You know, we just decorate 'em all throughout the season and, and have a lot of. It's just, and it's friendly, you know, it's just a friendly, kinda a thing, and it's just a, it's a good spirit.

[00:11:24] David Dowlen: That's very cool. Marc, let me ask you, if you could have a conversation with anyone living or dead, who would

[00:11:30] Marc Werner: be and why? That's, it's a big question. You know, I, I'd like to answer it with a handful of people. I'd love to talk to Abraham Lincoln. I'd love to talk to Edison living. I'd love to, you know, talk to Elon Musk, you know, that guy's just unbelievable what he's accomplished.

[00:11:45] You, I don't think the world appreciates what that guy has done and what it takes to build, you know, those many c. And deal with all the crap. He deals with everyone telling him what to do. And you know, he, you pull up a, a website and you know, there's five news articles and now he's three of them. Yeah.

[00:12:02] I, you know, come on. You know, this is not just the richest guy. He doesn't need to work as hard as he works, but he loves it. And you know, he's just done some amazing things so that, that would be a very, very interesting conversation.

[00:12:14] David Dowlen: And he does it with such flare. I, I, I love the fact that he's. Too busy to engage with some people on social media.

[00:12:23] I, I follow him on Twitter and it's just hilarious the times he drops in on some, someone makes a reference to him and he drops him on conversation and comments. It's, it's unbelievable. Yeah. I have no idea how he has that much energy, honestly.

[00:12:35] Marc Werner: You know, one of the great entrepreneurs of all time, and you know, I, I thought Bezos and was probably the greatest entrepreneur.

[00:12:42] Mm-hmm. inventor. Mm-hmm. , you know, prior to, But, and just looking at what Amazon has done and whats has done there, which is just amazing. You know, you compare these guys to the Edisons and the other guys that have been just Benjamin frankly, you just guys that have, you know, just core inventions of things and these guys.

[00:12:59] Top, top of their game, Steve Jobs, what he's done. I mean, it's just unbelievable. And I don't think most people appreciate what it takes to be an entrepreneur and to put up all the BS and the rejection and all the failures to the, the success and to hang in there and just the mentalness, the mental, you know, Physical ability to kind of hang in there.

[00:13:24] It, it's tough, you know, Cause there's everyone's, you know, yelling at you and telling you you can't do it and it's, it's not gonna work and all that kinda stuff. And you just have to keep plaing forward and just making it happen. Yeah.

[00:13:37] David Dowlen: Requires a lot of, a lot of mental fortitude. I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs on the show and it's, it's just the mental game is such another.

[00:13:50] It's another

[00:13:51] Marc Werner: level, and you've gotta have failures to have success. Failures is part of success. You, you don't bat a hundred, you know, a great batter, you know, bat's 300, you know, one outta three, he gets a hit. But you know, in the business, you know, you're hoping you get 51%. So you're just ahead, your, your winds of your, your losses.

[00:14:11] But you learn a lot from the failures, and that's how you get better. And you keep. So it just, it's a lot tougher than you think. And you know, when you become successful, then people look at you in a different light, good or bad. But to get there is, is really hard. And it's, it's underappreciated what it takes to get there.

[00:14:33] And I would suggest everyone, you know, just don't give up. It's easy to give up. It's hard to hang in.

[00:14:39] David Dowlen: Here, here's the hard pitch. If you can handle this when you've got this interview. What is your favorite ice cream?

[00:14:46] Marc Werner: My favorite ice cream? It's probably Prings and Cream. You know, that, that would be my favorite if, if opened our freezer.

[00:14:55] You would see Pailing and .

[00:14:58] David Dowlen: I, I can't argue this is a pretty good choice.

[00:15:00] Marc Werner: Right. You know? And then second would be like an or Oreo, and third would be the, the chocolate chip. All

[00:15:06] David Dowlen: right. Well, Marc, let me we'll, we'll pull a little more on point. The financial impact of sleep deprivation. Deprivation in the US is estimated at 411 billion annually the same amount of cyber crime and 40% of Americans are estimated to be sleep bribed.

[00:15:22] 41% use over the counter sleep aids more than a couple times a week. Why do you think people don't focus on their sleep with the same intensity? They do diet and exercise?

[00:15:34] Marc Werner: Cause I don't think until very recently that people have connected sleep with. And before, you know, just all these years they just take sleep for granted.

[00:15:45] And when I was younger, you know, it used to be impressive that you got three hours of sleep. Like that's impressive. That's like I was an idiot. You know, needed more than three hours of sleep. I really, or hours of sleep, thought of midnight and then got up at five in the morning to go running 10, 10, 15 miles and then go to work.

[00:16:06] So I think as people are starting to, you know, draw the correlation. Of proper sleep and health benefits, just like working out and diet and those kinds of things. People are are getting more, more in tune with it and I think that's a great thing.

[00:16:24] David Dowlen: Okay. Now guys, we're getting to know Marc A. Little bit because I want you to know who he is.

[00:16:31] He's a businessman, he's a family man. He's an invent. And I want you to understand who this is as we go into this part, because he knows what he's talking about when it comes to how sleep is affecting your life. He spent a lot of time and energy focusing on this and perfecting the science of it so we even get to know him for a little bit.

[00:16:52] And the second half of the show, we're going to get into how not prioritizing your sleep experience is holding you. We're enrolled at our sponsor and we'll be right back with more for Marc. How well do you sleep at night? Do you toss and turn and wake up more tired than when you went to bed? Sleep is commonly one of the critical elements people fall short on in their life.

[00:17:10] The quality of sleep you get directly affects your ability to control your weight, your ability to add muscle, your stress levels, and your everyday job and life performance. If you're ready to move to the next level and. Has to be part of the plan. Check out our forensic ghost bed.com if you're ready to get your best sleep.

[00:17:26] I love my ghost bed. I've been sleeping on one for a couple years and it's made a huge difference in how I sleep. Hit ghost bed.com. Use the code, the fallible man 30 to get 30% off your order and start getting better night's sleep tomorrow. Now let's go on to the show. All right, guys, we're back. We're here at Marc Werner discussing how not prioritizing your sleep experience is actually holding you.

[00:17:49] Now Marc, I always like to ask my guests, what purchase of a hundred dollars or less did you make in the last year that's had the biggest impact on your life,

[00:17:55] Marc Werner: Hundred or less. I'm, I can't run anymore cause the three, So I'm Walker, so try to times a week. So I just get these Under Armour. Sneakers and they're under a hundred dollars, but I replace them every so many months just because it's better support, better for walking. I wear 'em every day and it's for my lower.

[00:18:22] So to me, that's I purchase

[00:18:24] it's thing. But that would

[00:18:26] David Dowlen: be probably what it's, you know, as a person who has broken his neck and his lower. I both appreciate that cuz I, I'm the same way about shoes and, and your mattress quality cuz it helps when you've had that severe of an injury. To actually have a bed that supports correctly in those areas is important for me.

[00:18:47] Marc Werner: And I always noticed as soon as I put the new shoes on, that the, so you could feel it in the lower back, you know, that extra support. And it tells me it was time the other ones wore down from all the walking and you needed that new one. It's worked out. Right. I'm, I'm

[00:19:03] David Dowlen: curious how you came up with the idea of a bed in a box.

[00:19:08] Marc Werner: Well, coming from the ladder business, we were shipping air. Mm-hmm. , so we got these big extension ladders that are up to 40 feet and. 18 foot step ladders and six foot step ladders, and you just, you can only get so many of them on a truck that you're shipping to the Home Depots and Ace hardwares and those kinda guys.

[00:19:25] And so, I wanted to avoid in the mattress business of shipping air. So because we focused on memory foam when we started we were very familiar compression technology. So 20 odd years ago, we felt we could compress the mattress for the, the. To, into a smaller shape. So it was really a logistics kinda of a play as opposed to something that's, you know, become buzzword in six seven, I've bad in a box.

[00:19:50] Right. And it, it was strictly just to get more, more volume on. And also to make it for these mattress stores, they don't have a of, in a mattress store store, they have 30, 40, 50 mattresses on display. You go in there, there's a little back. Maybe the size of a bedroom, so they can't store too many mattresses for kinda cash and carry.

[00:20:11] So I thought this would be a good thing so they could keep some mattresses in the back and then people could easily take them home without having to 'em of their car. So it just really a simplistic logistics thing. It didn't come out of

[00:20:25] David Dowlen: it , but it is the buzz term at this point. Yeah. Marc, you guys have invested 20 years of science and technology into what you do at Ghost Bed.

[00:20:34] Along that way, right. You have explored the idea of sleep sciences. What have you found besides obviously a great mattress? It's incredibly important. What contributes to a good

[00:20:45] Marc Werner: night's sleep? So a mattress can be broken down to two basic things, and there's. Like behind me, very stacks of foam and things like that, that we're always kinda playing with the science of the foam and the layering of the foam.

[00:20:58] But ultimately, good mattress is the comfort layer and then the support layer. The comfort layer is the initial contact the body making that just kind feels good. And the support layer kind keeps your spine kinda parallel and keeps it from going outta whack. So those are the two key things. And then the majority of people sleep.

[00:21:19] They can sleep warm in the winter. They can sleep warm in the summer. So we've spent our entire career playing with temperature technologies. So we have a number of patents on cooling technologies with the fabric, with the foam, with phase change material with all kinds of materials and all you're trying to do there.

[00:21:37] It's not make it so it's a freezer, you know, you know, wear a winter coat when you go to bed, but you just wanna take it. One or two degrees and that's enough. So the body is relaxed and when the body is at the right temperature, you can a fall asleep better. And you can stay asleep better when your body starts getting hot itr, which is your body's self-regulating system.

[00:22:00] And so you're of, you be waking up and you, you wanna try to avoid that. So temperature technology is really key at every single product. That bed from our mattresses to our pillows, to our sheets, to our toppers, all. Big into that type of technology, even with our new Venus Williams collection which is an amazing partnership with an amazing woman.

[00:22:22] That whole line, that complete line, all plays into temperature technology, sleeping. Cool.

[00:22:29] David Dowlen: Okay. Well, someone who sleeps extraordinarily hot. I, I actually sleep on a luxe. That was a huge selling point for.

[00:22:37] Marc Werner: And how that working? How's the cooling working out for you? Is it better than your prior mattress?

[00:22:41] David Dowlen: Oh, it's definitely better than my prior mattress. I, I'm one of those that I have an air conditioner. It, it's been dropping to freezing here. I still have an air conditioner and two fans running in my bedroom at night,

[00:22:54] Marc Werner: some of guys, and I'm a hot sleeper. Right. You know? Yeah. You know, and I always point out to people that you don't, Like a down comforter on your, on your bed if you're a hot sleeper.

[00:23:05] Mm-hmm. . Cause that just helps you up. There's no air circulation. You definitely want the, like the ghost sheets cause that's made with. Utensil, which is made from a eucalyptus tree and then cotton grown in California. So you put those kinda fabrics and fibers together and it's gonna be cool and crisp. I hope you have the, the ghost sheets to go with your, your mattress.

[00:23:23] But that would add to your cooling experience cause that's touching your skin. That would, I would highly recommend that. Okay. That, yes, that will help the, the heat. But avoid, and I, I try to tell people all the time, stay away from those hot comforters, you know, those. Fall down or down type comforters, it's just adding heat and it's like you're, you're in a oven it and you gotta flip those things off.

[00:23:46] And if you went to a different type of a more of a lighter blanket, you would, you'd be better off. And you wanna keep your body at a, at a temperature, otherwise you're gonna wake up, you're gonna be uncomfortable. Every time you wake up, you're interrupting your sleep. Oh yeah. You're just breaking that trend of, you know, kinda that regenerative kinda.

[00:24:06] Benefit of what sleep does to every cell in your body and your, your brain and, and everything. And if you wanna be your best self the next day you need sleep.

[00:24:14] David Dowlen: Oh yeah. The sleep is critical. And we're gonna get into that in a second. No, I, I have the pillow and I have the mattress. I will say, what I know from my previous mattresses is like when I get out of bed, my side of the bed isn't hot to the.

[00:24:28] Which is where every mattress I've ever had, I get up and like, you can just like lay down on my side of the bed and get warm. If you're cold, it's where I've been laying is hot.

[00:24:37] Marc Werner: And And that's because your body's 90 degrees? Mm-hmm. So as you're sitting, as I'm sitting in this chair or you're laying on the mattress, your body temperature to whatever substance you're touching, so your body temperature's now moved over to that foam.

[00:24:50] So part of what we have in the ghost bed Luxe is we have two stages of cooling technology. We have in the. And then we have on the top layer of the foam foot face change. So it's a dual kinda cooling thing. So it's trying to keep that heat away so it, it's cool to the touch. And then as you're laying there, the average person falls asleep in 15 minutes.

[00:25:11] I know some people feel it, but that's and then your body heat, like we're just talking about is transf. So we're trying to control that, transfer with that face change technology and move that away from your.

[00:25:23] David Dowlen: It's funny cuz the average person would not realize that that much technology is going into a bed.

[00:25:29] But it made, like I I had a higher end mattress before I bought the ghost bed. Right. It was supposed to be a fairly high end. I, I won't call out the brand cuz I don't wanna, I don't wanna dis on anybody. But your bed was, it was more expensive as well, right? Your bed was more affordable and is a whole lot better after a couple years for sure.

[00:25:48] So it's obvious you guys have put into it, but you said, if you wanna be your best self, right? We talk about personal development on this channel for men specifically. And guys, we wanna, I wanna take you through some five ideas to help you because if you want to be your best, if you wanna reach your full potential, if you want to keep pushing yourself farther, then you need a good night's sleep.

[00:26:09] I didn't use to prioritize it when I was younger. I'm 42 now. I didn't used to care about it much. Honestly, getting a good quality mattress and then prioritizing my sleep has made so much of a difference in my ability to just perform day to day life. Not waking up tired, not waking up, just beat up. You shouldn't wake up and have things hurt like my shoulders.

[00:26:32] I'm a side sleeper and my shoulders don't ache when I get up in the morning anymore. It did before I had to ghost bed. I, I, that was an absolutely incredible change for me. Is not having achy shoulders in the morning, cuz I beat them up enough without my bed taking a toll on them. So guys, we wanna throw out five ideas for you guys to consider to help you because it's just like your shoes or your tires on your car.

[00:26:59] It's a foundational piece to you building a better day. So number one, create a bed bedtime ritual to prepare your mind. We've all heard about blue. We've all heard about stopping caffeine early. Well actually take it serious guys. Invest in your foundation. Create a bedtime ritual that you go through every night to prepare your mind to wind down and to get into that relaxed frame of mind.

[00:27:30] Turn off the television. If you're like some people and just won't turn off that television and get some blue light glasses, they will make a huge difference in how you're sleeping because you don't have that blue light hitting. Cut out the caffeine and try something calmer. Read a book, the creative bedtime ritual that signals your head that you do every night that tells you, Hey, I'm getting ready to go to bed.

[00:27:52] Practice sleep hygiene. Make your room cleaner. Change your sheets regularly. Make sure your pillowcases are getting washed and change regularly. Keep away screens and stuff like that. But your bed should be oasis like. I look forward to going to bed. I cannot wait for bed. Because I know I'm gonna hit my mattress and lay down and just relax.

[00:28:15] Everything's gonna fade away. I have clean sheets, comfortable bed, and I just, man, I settled into my mattress and just sleep. I, I don't take 15 minutes anymore. I lay my head down. I'm, I'm out within a couple minutes. My wife doesn't always make it outta the room before I fall asleep, cuz I go to bed earlier than she does.

[00:28:36] And so she'll come down. Make sure I got settled in bed cuz I have a habit of like, you know, not always getting all the way there. I'll fall asleep on the couch or whatever, so she'll make sure I got there and there its, I don't remember her leaving the room like I'm, I'm out because I get in my comfortable bed.

[00:28:54] Clean sheets, good. Sleep hygiene is huge guys. And you heard Marc has invested as much into their sheets and their pillows. I have one of their pillows. It's a great pillow by the. I have one of their pillows as well. My wife messaged me while we were talking. We're gonna have to look at the sheets cause we don't have a pair of those yet.

[00:29:13] But that will be incoming, I'm sure. But guys, change your sheets. Don't, don't wait two or three weeks to wash your sheets, please. That's just gross .

[00:29:23] Marc Werner: And let me interject for a second. Please do. That's, that's good point. So, hygiene's critical. So people say, you know, like, I have a five year warranty on the mattresses, 20 or five, depending on which, That's a long time and you, you don't wanna wait 20 years.

[00:29:38] You, you really wanna replace your mattress every seven or eight years because just from a hygiene standpoint, you're losing a pint of fluids every night. Where do you think that stuff's going? It's going in your pajamas, It's going in the sheets, it's going into the mattress. You know, it's just like after a while you just wanna get rid of your underwear, get rid of your socks.

[00:29:58] It's just time to get rid of stuff. And so, and also your body's changing over those seven. Your weight's changing, your, your muscles are different, so you just want something to reset with. So first thing is hygiene with mattress seven or eight years with pillows and sheets, I say two to three years. I know it might be your favorite pillow and I've got a in the pillow you have, so you know, I love that pillow, but I do the same thing.

[00:30:20] I'm sleeping on that pillow, but you know, every couple years I'm getting rid of that. You droo at night. I mean, just go film yourself. You know you're drooling. It's going right, it's gross. It's going right to the pillow and into the sheets and the pillow cases, and even though you launder it. It's still kind of there and it's, you know, can attract other kinds of microorganisms.

[00:30:42] So every couple years, replace those sheets and replace those pillows and yes, absolutely LA stuff, you know, every week. And keep it fresh. Keep it fresh. Cause you'll sleep better. It'll be better for you as a person. You'll

[00:30:55] David Dowlen: feel better. You'll, oh, there's nothing better than crawling into a, a bed with fresh, clean sheets and everything.

[00:31:01] Right. Just

[00:31:02] Marc Werner: that's And, and, and just to what your life said about the, the sheets to look into that. So like, so I invented those. It was very hard to kinda of combine those two types of material. We did it and we've got this script, so it's ach, piece of elastic going around the sheet. So they always stay on.

[00:31:19] They never come off. So you don't have to be the guy in the morning that has to put the fitted sheet back on cause it doesn't come off. I've solved that. Yes, I've solved. That's me. I've solved that. It doesn't happen even on our adjustable bed. You could lift it all the way up. Those fitted sheets won't come up and, and they're great.

[00:31:36] But since I've had 'em on our bed, since we, we've been making my wife and I, every morning we say the same thing. We feel like we're in the nicest hotel we've ever been in. Cause it just so nice those sheets every single day. And I dunno how long I, I've had those sheets out, you know, three or four plus years.

[00:31:53] And I say the same thing every single day cuz it gets me every single night when I go in bed and morning when I wake up. They're just so soft and crisp and cool. Ok. It's not a plug for my sheets, it's just these sheets. Cause there's just so damn good.

[00:32:09] David Dowlen: Well, you know, quality of sheets. I, so, you know, I, we started like every young couple, right?

[00:32:15] Not much money. Started out with years ago. We've married 21 years now. I mean, our first couple places were pretty pretty bare. We lived with some. Bad neighborhoods and you know, our, our, the mattress we slept on probably first decade of our marriage was a hand me down from a couple we knew and it was their extra mattress.

[00:32:33] Marc Werner: I mean, my, my wife and our first mattress was a down from her parents. We were thrilled to have gotten a mattress. Right. Even though it's 20 years old. I didn't know. It didn't cost me anything. We were just coming outta school. We had no money. We were just working exactly. At very low wages at the time, . And and we were, we were fine.

[00:32:54] No complaints whatsoever. We lived in a little apartment. We, we were fine, but we got a mattress from her parents. God bless em. Thank you very much. And it, it was great. We didn't know a good mattress or a mattress. We just, we had mattress. We didn't have to buy it. Oh, yeah. And that worked. And, you know, we got educated later in life.

[00:33:12] We, we had a, I was.

[00:33:13] David Dowlen: King size bed. We were just excited we had a big bed. Right, Right. But someone gifted us a nicer, like I just bought the generic cheap sheets. Right. Cause you threw what you could on it. Someone bought us a pair of Egyptian cotton sheets, which I didn't know that was a thing at one point.

[00:33:30] We were young married and it's like, oh, I guess thread count is important and material is important. I had never felt anything that soft at the time. It was like, that's just, it's like hotel quality, man. Yeah. So it's things you don't know. Right. You don't know what you don't know until

[00:33:47] Marc Werner: someone corrects that for you.

[00:33:50] Exactly. Hopefully some of the people listening today will just hear about that elastic band on the fitted sheet and they'll think, Oh yeah, that my sheet always comes off. Oh, there's a solution for that. It solves a problem, for sure.

[00:34:01] David Dowlen: Yeah. Now, Marc, do you have a, Do you try and stick to a sleep schedule?

[00:34:06] Marc Werner: I, I, So I used to as I've gotten older, I used to work way, way too much.

[00:34:12] I've toned it down to just eight, you know, 80 hours a week. But I used to come home later and go to bed later, but now I, I try to go to bed in that nine o'clock and like yourself, my wife will say that as soon as I, you know, kinda hit the pillow, she's talking to me and I'm not responding. You know, I'm already.

[00:34:33] And then I wake up the, the next morning, other than being an old guy, you know, you get up a couple times during the night, you don't remember to go pee. But that's just what, you know, older guys do. I found something forward to .

[00:34:45] David Dowlen: I, I'm already there. Oh, I, I found that if I just, and in the research I found, you know, backs it up having the same like bedtime and get up.

[00:34:56] Seven days a week instead of like, we're all tempted to sleep in on Saturday or whatever. But having that same, I go to bed at this time. I get up this time actually regulate your sleep patterns better. In fact, I found out that people who sleep less than seven hours and I, I'm, I know I have to get about seven hours of solid sleep are 4.2 times more likely to get sick than people who sleep seven hours

[00:35:20] Marc Werner: or longer.

[00:35:21] We're probably get in a car exit. Jeff Bezos is a big advocate of eight hours. So as much as that guy has invented and done over his career, which is unprecedented, he wants, he promotes eight hours of sleep, which is absolutely critical. So I stick to that routine. I go to bed and doesn't matter if it's Sunday, I kind of at the same and I have my ritual.

[00:35:42] Don't have like you I seven a week, but even on Saturday and Sunday morning, I shave. It just, what I do is just how I get myself ready for, for that day, whatever that day's gonna.

[00:35:53] David Dowlen: That morning ritual, and that's something we've talked about on this channel many times, guys, hydrate. Hydration directly affects the quality of your sleep.

[00:36:02] Yeah. Marc pointed out you're losing a pint of water at night. It is so important and we've talked about,

[00:36:08] Marc Werner: didn't even specific to say water, I just said

[00:36:11] David Dowlen: fluids. We've talked about the importance of drinking eight ounces of water when you first wake up. That's actually the number one time to have a heart attack because you're more dehydrated that time is when you're first getting up in the morning.

[00:36:23] The guys keeping that hydration up affects not only that, you know, your heart safety, but how you sleep, how your body's digesting things. Your body's doing a lot of work when you're sleeping, so you gotta take care of it. So it can do that work to repair things. And guys, there are three. Invest in a good bed.

[00:36:40] That's, I, I, I can't, this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm talking to Marc specifically. There are three things I don't skip on. I don't skip on. I don't skimp on tires and I don't skimp on my mattress anymore. I learned after years of sleeping on a bad mattress. Now that I have a good one, it is so foundational to have a solid found.

[00:37:01] I, I said that wrong entirely. That's so, that's so eloquent on my part, guys. It is so important that you have a solid foundation, right? I don't, I've worked on my feet for my entire life, so I don't skimp on shoes because I know the difference between having good shoes on my. When I'm on my feet all day and having really crappy shoes, which costs me an entire career, but that's not the story.

[00:37:22] I know the difference. I ride a motorcycle, so my tires being in good shape. There's only two of 'em. I, I got less than everybody else. There's only two of 'em. Those being in good shape is critical to my safety and my overall wellbeing as I'm on my bike. Guys, a solid mattress creates a solid foundation for you to have a good night's sleep.

[00:37:44] Take. Take some of advice guys. Apply those five things and I promise you it will up everything else in your life. You want to become a ceo, you want to push yourself. You want to invent things. You want to live the life you wanna live. You have to take care of yourself by giving yourself quality sleep as a foundation.

[00:38:04] Marc Werner: Now, Marc. And, and to add to that so quality sleep could be a little bit more expensive. Mm-hmm. , so that's sometimes probably some resistance for people to, I, I don't wanna spend a thousand, $2,000 on this mattress and adjustable whatever. But. Ghost bed like many other people that are selling sleep mattresses, sleep products, offer financing and usually zero interest.

[00:38:28] So we offer zero interest. So you can finance that out for three or four years, you know, pay you go thing, and now all of a sudden you're paying 50, 60 a month. And that mattress, as I talked before, forget the 25 year warranty, but just over seven or eight years, it's gonna end up costing you 30, 40 cents a.

[00:38:47] It's just go to Starbucks less or one less beer and, and you know, that can justify a phenomenal mattress and and sleep setup and experience for you. So put it, you know, kinda in perspective to other things of where you might be spending money and then break it down to what's it really cost me per day.

[00:39:06] And remember that 30 or 40 cents, you're getting eight hours play out of it. If you're sleeping for eight hours, you know, it's a third of the day. So it's, if you break it down to the hour, it's even. Guys, I

[00:39:17] David Dowlen: can tell you firsthand that's how we afforded our bed is we financed it through y'all's financing program.

[00:39:23] I've done different financing over the years for different things, and, and it was, it was easy. It was not stressful. And, you know, we paid it off. The rates were all good. It was like, Oh wait, we can actually buy a nice mattress. And, and honestly, like three years later, I'm still just excited. It's one of my better purchases at that point in my life for.

[00:39:44] Marc, what is the most important takeaway you want people to hear today about sleeping well and what that can do for

[00:39:51] Marc Werner: their life? It just makes, can make you a, it will make you a better person, not a can. It will make you a better person and you should really devote more, you know, energy into. Sleeping on a high-quality mattress and you know, everyone's got a different need.

[00:40:07] Someone wants a real firm mattress. Someone wants a little bit of a, in it for like a hybrid. Someone wants a softer mattress. Some guys like have a and a back problem. Some guys have or problem, problem or fibromyalgia. So you need to kind of what issues are and look at what, say for ghost bed, we've got a lot of different models that address different kinds of sleeper challenges and find the one that fits for you.

[00:40:32] And then ghost bed, like most of the other guys that are kinda in a similar competitive space to us. We offer 101 night sleep trial. So guess what? If you don't like it, you can return it and get your money back. Or you can switch to a different mattress. So it's not the end of the world. You're not making a final.

[00:40:48] Fatal decision here. You're not gonna hurt yourself, but the benefit is just awesome. I mean, it's just awesome. Plus our website is, is so comprehensive as far as information. I mean, you've got the verification of reviews from 50,000 plus people with all the five star reviews on our platform, on other platforms we, we partner with, with major retailers across the country.

[00:41:09] But we describe the product and our FAQs are very comprehensive, so you can learn a lot. There's a lot of videos. I do a lot of videos for the. So, cuz I know other products, I've invented 'em all. So I just kinda walk you through it in a very grounded kinda way, which is the only way I know explaining, you know, this mattress is good for this and this one does this, et cetera, cetera.

[00:41:30] And then, you know, on the site, the economics are broken right down. So, okay, I can do zero interest financing, it will cost me $80 a month by adding some sheets that will cost another, you know, couple bucks a month or whatever. They're not that expensive. And then it's, we ship everything in 20. So, you know, basically in a day or two you could be sleeping on an awesome mattress.

[00:41:51] You'll be a happier person. You'll be less cranky. You won't even realize it, but all of a sudden you won't be. You have less road rage. You, you won't get so upset when you get to the red light instead of the green light. You know, I just, all kinds of simple things that should be simple. Well stay simple.

[00:42:05] But you need your rest cause your body needs to get that regenerative type of work while you're sleeping. It's sort of like the North Pole with the Alps. They're busy way making the toys while we're sleep. When your body's sleeping, you know all those cells are rebuilding themselves in your brain, your heart, your legs, your muscles, blood's flowing, and things are happening.

[00:42:27] And that's how you can wake up the next day and you can feel better. And then you keep doing that. Not just one day, but two days, three days, two weeks, a month, Cetera. You're just better and you'll be a happier person. And if you're, you feel better and you're a happier person, that's a big win in life.

[00:42:44] David Dowlen: Marc, I'll tell you, I'll tell you the truth. Lemme tell you. At day 95, I actually was counting okay that, that 101 night sleep really? That that suck in my head. So at day 95 I was counting, I asked my wife, cuz at first she was a little, we're used to a very hard frame mattress and the luxe model we have doesn't have side coils or any, So trying to sit down and put on like shoes on the side of the bed, you kind of fall off the first couple times to use to it.

[00:43:10] Yeah. And my wife was like, I don't know if I can adjust this pure memory foam. And at day 95, I asked Sarah, I was like, Okay, honey, we're we're right at that line. Yay or nay on the mattress. She's like, No, we're good. We're we're there. I was just blown away how fast the mattress came. I figured I'd have to wait for a while, but no.

[00:43:30] Yeah, at day 95, I was like, Yay or nay, baby. Where are we? Where are we at with this? She's like, Now we're, we're, we're good. This is what we're sleeping on, and we've been sleeping on it ever. Marc, you said you got some big news coming up conference in January, so We'll, we expecting to hear about that. So,

[00:43:47] Marc Werner: the, the furniture industry has two major Marcets for the wholesale trade.

[00:43:52] They've the high point Marcet, high point Las s so there's these the furniture show in Las Vegas twice a year. The big ones in the end of January. So we have permanent showroom there. In one of the buildings. We have about 9,000 square foot showroom where we're showing our goods to all the major retailers across the country.

[00:44:15] And we sell in the United States, Canada, and in the uk Principle US in Canada is, is our, we make all of our mattresses in country. So in the US it's main US in Canada, it's made in Canada. Cause people in those. Countries, like, you know, kinda that product made there. Yeah. And so we have this major new mattress, type of mattress that we'll be introducing at the Marcet.

[00:44:39] And I can't really say, you know, what, what, what all it's, but I'm super excited about it and it's gonna create an entire entirely new mattress category. And, you know, I, I think this is gonna be a billion dollar category. Wow. I think this is like, yeah, this is, I think everyone's gonna say when they see this, like, you're gonna say, Okay, I, I need to get one of those to upgrade.

[00:45:05] Yeah. I need to get that. And I'm really excited about it. So that's, it's a big deal. Yeah. I wish I could say, but I gotta keep it.

[00:45:15] David Dowlen: It's a, yeah, it's a trade secret. You gotta, you gotta wait for the right. Timing is so critical and things very. Guys, I will have links for everything down in the description in the show notes. As always, go over to ghost bed.com/foul man. Check out our friends at Ghost Bed. You know, I don't talk about things I don't believe in.

[00:45:36] Sarah and I sleep on a ghost bed. We've been happily sleeping on a ghost bed for several years. It has made a huge difference in our lives. My children still like to come get in my bed. Part of it's a cuddle with me. Part of it's cuz they wanna get into my bed cuz they don't have a ghost bed yet. But, I believe in them.

[00:45:51] I wouldn't partner with 'em otherwise. This is an incredible product, and your sleep is so important for you to reach your purpose in life, for you to get to the full potential where you want to be as a man. Your sleep is foundational. It's you have to pay attention to it if you wanna achieve what you wanna achieve.

[00:46:08] Go see Marc and our friends over at Ghost Bed. As always, be better tomorrow because of what you do today. We'll see you on the next one. This has been

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