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How to Run a Business with YOUR Spouse | Podcasters Answer

In this episode of The Fallible Man Podcast, we bring you a panel of 4 dynamic couples who have successfully merged their work and relationship. Join us as they share their insights and experiences on navigating the ups and downs of working with your...

In this episode of The Fallible Man Podcast, we bring you a panel of 4 dynamic couples who have successfully merged their work and relationship. Join us as they share their insights and experiences on navigating the ups and downs of working with your spouse. From finding balance, communication strategies to maintaining a healthy work-life dynamic, these couples have it all figured out. Whether you're thinking about starting a business with your partner or are already in the thick of it, this discussion is not to be missed! Tune in now and learn from these power couples on how to make your work-life dynamic a success.

In this Episode we Bring together:

Steve and Veronica of Pod Sound School and The Content Jefe’ Podcast

Alex and Alicia of PodPros and the Podcasting Made Simple Podcast

Oliver and Denise of Denoli LLC and The Relationship Trade Secrets Podcast

And my wife Sarah makes one of her rare appearances to round out this power group!

This was honestly one of the most fun episodes we have ever done! Sit down and feel like you are joining a bunch of old friends as we laugh and share some of the insights, we have learned from working with our spouses!

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[00:00:00] It was mutual, but we decided that Africa by Toto was like our theme song. And I play it super loud at nine 15 on the dot every day. And one day she barges into my office and goes, turn this song off. I hate this song . And then like after a month, I was like, oh my gosh. And she was like angry. And she's not like, when to ever get angry.

[00:00:17] I was like, I'm so sorry. And she's like, you play that song so loud every single day. And she goes, and I just can't stand it anymore. And uh, yeah, you learn something new every day. Here's the million dollar question. How do men like us reach our full potential and grow into the men we dream of being while taking care of our responsibilities, working, being good husbands, fathers, and still take care of ourselves.

[00:00:42] That's the question in this podcast. We'll help you with those answers. My name is Brent and welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast. Welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast. You're home for all things, man, husband, and father. Big shout out to Fallible Nation. You guys make these things possible and a warm welcome to our first time listeners.

[00:00:56] My name is Brent and today is an incredible day on the podcast. Not only is Sarah joining us, which you know doesn't happen if you follow this podcast very often, but we also have six of our podcasting friends, and we would like to welcome Steven Veronica from Pod Sound School in the Content Hefe podcast.

[00:01:12] We'll see. Happy be. Here's it going. Alex and Alicia from Podcast Pros and the podcast, he teammate a couple podcasts. Thank you for having us. Yeah, appreciate it. And it wouldn't be a conversation about relationships without our dear friends Oliver Denise from Jolly and the Relationship Trade Secrets podcast.

[00:01:32] What's up, family? Hello. We're happy to meet. Happy to be here. You know, we always want to hang out with Brent, so , whenever Brent says, come hang out. We're like, all right, cool. Let's make it happen. I say the same thing,

[00:01:46] I'm, I'm, I'm whelmed guys. Uh, just fact that you guys take your time to be here. So thank you for agreeing to do this collab. Hopefully we're all gonna get a lot out of this to share with our audiences and get to know each other and build some relationships at the same time. Now, I start the podcast these days with a silly question, so we'll see and we're gonna take a shot and then we'll get the answer at the end.

[00:02:08] Okay? So if you dug a hole through the center of the earth from Wellington, New Zealand, we wish European country, would you emerge? Would it be a Germany, B Spain, c France, or d Poland?

[00:02:28] Poland. I'm gonna go with Poland, , New Zealand. Uh, I have no clue. You can go with Germany. Sure. Whatever you say. All right, Alex. Thanks. Germany and Alicia is not a hundred percent on that, but I'll, I'll say Germany. That's a fantastic question. I don't know. We're just going, what are we gonna do? Rock, paper, scissors, all relational.

[00:02:51] Gu. These are things you all have to decide on. We gotta on the same page. At least wrong, right? Was that an option? It was that. That was an option. Oh, see, I was gonna say Spain. Spain. Let's do it. Spain, France, or Poland. Mm-hmm. , Spain. We're gonna go with Spain. All right. Hold on. Your answers, everybody listening.

[00:03:13] Make your guests don't cheat. Don't, don't pause the podcast and go find out that's cheating, . Hey guys, the way we're gonna start is we'll just go around. On some direction. Take one minute and tell us about your podcast. Introduce yourselves. Alex, do you wanna start? Sure, yeah, I'll, I'll, I'll speak to that point.

[00:03:34] So like, uh, Alicia and I rerun a company called Pod Pros, which is education for podcast guests and hosts. And we have a podcast that most people find extremely boring because it's about podcasting. So whenever I meet a random person like, Ooh, you have a podcast, what's it about? I'm like, podcasting. And they're like, oh, right.

[00:03:51] Like, it's huge let down. But hey, if you're in this space, it is a show just focused on helping a podcast guest or host take their next step and make it one that really adds value to their journey as a podcaster.

[00:04:03] Nice. Steve next? Yeah. Do you wanna take it ? Why are you sweating? I don't know. I'm really sweating. Cause you're sweating, draping sweat. This is a trick question for sure. Yes, we are the Pod Sound School. We're podcast coaches. Uh, we do. Um, podcast courses and we do one-on-one coaching for, uh, aspiring podcasters and, um, coaches and content creators.

[00:04:32] And we have a YouTube channel where we have all of our instructional videos and we also have our pay programs. Uh, we started with our podcast, the pod zone school podcast, and we retired our podcast a year ago. Uh, yeah, just about a year. And we launched Contente because we're heading towards like something more encompassing when it comes to content creation, not only podcasting.

[00:04:59] So did content marketing, just content marketing in general. Mm-hmm. , that includes podcasting and video podcasting and other things. So we've been, uh, making our podcast content headset for a year or less than a year. , it's a video podcast, which we enjoy the most. And that's what our brand is all about.

[00:05:18] It's about video podcasting. Mm-hmm. , that's fun. And you know, we we're just more ourselves, it's called Content a cuz Veronica is from Colombia. So she, uh, we do a lot of Spanglish in our lives mm-hmm. As it is. So, um, and yeah, we're on like episode 37 right now. Mm-hmm. , it's been a lot of fun. Yeah. So we are on YouTube and we are on Spotify, um, video podcast too, and all of the podcast players and it's, it's been, it's been a lot of fun.

[00:05:50] Very cool. So we are, um, Denise and Oliver Denali and, um, we, we too are podcast. and we've been doing it for how long now? Who knows? Wow. It's been a long time. . Six, six or seven years. So we're relationship wow coaches and most of our content is based on relationship coaching. And so that's what we do in addition to, you know, social media and YouTube as well, conferences, all of that kind of stuff.

[00:06:25] Yep. That's our thing. Relationships, both personally and professionally. Um, we, we've been podcasting, but it's been off and on if we're gonna be quite honest. Right. So do some audio podcasting. We have a show on YouTube that's about to start back up again with the new season inside the relationship. So it's kind of a video thing cuz I am a, I love video to be quite honest.

[00:06:49] So we, we love doing video stuff and, and, uh, And hopefully another podcast I'm kind of putting, I'm putting it out there now, even though it hasn't started yet. But I wrote a book for men called Overcoming the Man Laws. So be on the lookout for the Overcoming the Man Laws podcast. It's coming soon. Hey, you're committed now, man.

[00:07:11] You put it out out. So yeah, keep him honest. Keep me honest. Yeah. I'm finally gonna jump the broom on that one. So when you get here for the conference, right, you're gonna have the first show ready to go . Actually, I might actually have, yeah, you're right. I might have first. There you go. You got the mark right there.

[00:07:31] You got two weeks. Yeah. There it is. Flying To join me, I run a men's conference called the Phoenix Conference. That is, uh, February 10th and 11th. And Oliver is one of our keynote speakers who will be actually on site. We do it both for, uh, in person and virtual. So, Oliver's coming out. So now hills to the fire guys.

[00:07:50] Right there. There it's go. That's right. By the time the Phoenix rolls around, Oliver's gonna have it ready to go. We're gonna be ready to go. All right. You hold me to it. Podcast. So we're ready. How long have you guys been together and do you have kids wanna start? No, cuz you're putting me on the spot.

[00:08:17] like why would I wanna go first?

[00:08:22] Wants there

[00:08:27] about to go? I'm putting you on the spot. , she always puts me on the spot. I'm saving her. Thank you. You're welcome.

[00:08:41] So I'll go . We'll, we'll go. So we, the question was how long we've been together and do we have kids, right? What's the question? Cool. So we've been married for just over 10 years. In 2022, we celebrated 10 years. Nice. And, uh, bef we dated for a year and a month. We're engaged for three months. Uh, and that's been our, our whole relationship.

[00:09:00] We're also friends for a few years before we even got together and no kids. Uh, we're, we're very happy that way for right now. So that, that works really great for us. At the moment, our, we call our software our baby, so we just kind of build up the software and work in the business, but really enjoy our relationship, uh, not just, not just personally, but also professionally.

[00:09:18] We have a really good time together. Hey, we waited over a decade to have kids. You're, you're doing fine. Nice. Nice. Okay, well then I guess next, uh, I was supposed to go, I, I was confused there. . Yeah. We've been married now, um, officially for a while. Five, six years. He doesn't remember, um, blurry lines there.

[00:09:40] And I think part of the reason the lines are so blurry is because of the kids. . We have three kids. We have two 14 year old twins and, um, a four year old mm-hmm. . Um, and she has been the biggest challenge in our, in our business lately. , probably the four year old. The eight year old. Yeah. She's the ceo. It's her world.

[00:09:59] We're just living in it. . Nice. Good stuff. Well, I guess we'll go. So we'll save, we'll save Sarah. Give, give Sarah some time to , get, you know, get her bearings on this one. We are, um, let's see, let's, let's do the, We have known each other for about, for coming up on 28 years. Oh, wow. Nice. We've been married for 22 of those years.

[00:10:26] We have three children, uh, the youngest of which will be 20 in two weeks. Oh. And a three-year-old grandson. Oh, you, nice. Well, you know,

[00:10:42] It's very cute. Okay. I had to do the math. So we've been married in April 22 years and we have two kids and we knew each other for four, five years before that, I think. But we were just friends until he proposed pretty much so Wow. 22 years. I love that. I respect that. Yeah. Proposed, engaged. I like it. old move.

[00:11:12] Well, you know, you, they, they say you should marry your best friend, so, I, I had the realization one day if I was stupid enough not to, then I, I deserve to be miserable. So, , thank you. That, that's good. That's good. That, all right guys, we're gonna do the speed around here. Okay. Favorite date night. What's your ideal date?

[00:11:33] Mm-hmm. . Honestly. Yeah.

[00:11:39] Where is it? Different? What's yours? What's yours? Coffee. Mine. You say it. Well, I don't know. Should we take, should we take care? Like, who's, who goes first? Is it? And there's not an order. There's not an order. Where, which things today? freeform. I'll tell you. I like getting coffee and going to the range, shooting off some rounds.

[00:12:03] That's it. Past day night. Yeah. I like that. 3 0 8 long range targets and hot coffee. Yeah. I like, I like it because it's the day good. , caffeine and adrenaline. Great combo

[00:12:20] or stress reliever. So stress release of, release of adrenaline, stress reliever, . Good stuff, good stuff. Um, our favorite date night I would say is like a nice dinner out to eat. Just the two of us. And we could also just have a movie night sitting on the couch together. Either way, either way works awesome.

[00:12:41] Nice. We do either green juice and infrared sauna, , , or um, stay at home and watch a movie. And while we eat cereal, Yeah. Not cereal. Mm-hmm. cereal. Like cereal. Cereal. Those are two very different extremes. It's like one's like a really healthy move. The other's just kinda like a lazy welcome to the merry life.

[00:13:05] I love it. Listen, I'm a fan of cereal, so that, that sounds great. Oh yeah. We have a cereal problem. , but Steven doesn't like it because I like my cereal hot milk. Me too. Really? You're my people. I always get that too. , how could you? Good stuff. Don't let it get soggy. See, that's why I don't like it hot because it makes, I don't mind.

[00:13:34] It's awesome. Grew up really fast. , . I don't mind yourself. I dunno. Our, I, I got a, I got a few, man. I, so we're, we, we can fall under, we can fall in any area of the spectrum, right? So on one end of the spectrum, we can literally get in the car. And say, you know what? It's a beautiful day. Let's get in the car.

[00:13:55] We're gonna drive for an hour north. Mm-hmm. . And then we're gonna come back to Scenic Route South. Yeah. Back home. Mm-hmm. . Right. So that could be a date right there. Uhhuh. . And then the other end of the spectrum is, you know, going out for a weekend somewhere. So we maybe not too far. No, no date. Night, state Night.

[00:14:13] Yeah. So one night, not a weekend. Okay. So, uh, yeah. Going out to eat. Yeah. Going out to eat. Yeah. You know, going out to eat would probably, I mean, in the weekend though, we could have a night.

[00:14:29] No, that doesn't work. That's not what Negoti negotiation though. I was trying to get in the weekend. That's what I was trying to, I feel like Oliver's got it. I like it. I'm gonna take the negotiation. You have a date night on a weekend. That's fine.

[00:14:48] Like driving for all of you on the audio? Not on the video. He glares here.

[00:14:56] Yeah. We're, we're quick to jump in the car, man. Quick. We're quick to jump in the car. All right. We do that too. It's fun. You have a lot of interesting conversation and you talk about the business and the kids and it's just fun. Yeah. And if you work from home, it's just a great way to take a break from being in the same place.

[00:15:15] Mm-hmm. day and nine. Right. Oh, that's so strong. Change of scenery. Exhausting. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Range of scenery. And, and something I, uh, something I often say is I wanna breathe some different air . Mm-hmm. . Let's go breathe Some different air . Yeah. Yeah. instead of this hair right here. Let's go somewhere else.

[00:15:34] Yeah. We live in North Carolina, so there's a lot of trees and beautiful things to see here. Beautiful. Yeah. Nice. Beautiful. How long have you two guys been in business together? We started our business four years ago. Five years? Almost five years now. Yeah. Mm-hmm. almost five years. Yeah. When we started, we kind of didn't know what we were doing.

[00:15:55] We just moved because of the passion we have for podcasting, and we started posting content, creating content, and seeing what that would lead us to. And that's how we got into coaching and into just working people one-on-one, helping them to launch their podcast. And, and we started our YouTube channel and, um, because we didn't wanna be on camera, so we created animated videos, we animated ourselves.

[00:16:24] And that's, that was pretty funny. Like if you go back in our channel, you can find those, those were the first videos that we posted. It was animated characters. Yeah. Yeah. They were, they were cute. But then we realized and we wanted our, our channel to grow and we needed to show our faces. Yeah. So we started showing our faces and just going through the pains of the pains.

[00:16:47] I, I have problems with Calvin. Apparently I swept profusely. Yeah. He still sweats profusely. I don't get it. Like, why aren't you sweating? And then also, uh, because don't remember I'm not working out. Yeah. The first day, the first day we got in front of the camera, Veronica, I asked her to do my makeup and mm-hmm.

[00:17:04] I mean, I was having like, like I need makeup for it and yeah. Terrible lighting, full on every kind of nervous breakdown you could have. So there's this kinda, uh, fun part of launching a business and, and creating content of not knowing what you're getting into, that it's just like you're so naive and so willing to try and you don't know what's at stake.

[00:17:27] So I think. That, that's just pretty cool when you're studying and then you just move from there and you keep learning and you keep improving and you keep having fun. Mm-hmm. . And that's why we kind of try to teach our, our students and our clients is just to start from where they are and enjoy being that new and enjoy being, uh, that naive.

[00:17:54] Is that how you say it? Uh, I don't know. Naive. Yeah. Naive. Yeah. of not knowing what you're doing sometimes. No. Real quick. Uh, Steve is sweating because I think that Veronica has a knife in there in case he says something that's not in the right cake. like, whatcha you gonna say? How long we've been together?

[00:18:14] Whatcha gonna say ? It's true. Yeah. He's sweating. He's sweating here. I think he is just, he goes through a lot of stress when I. I, I have no idea what it is. I think it's the, I think it's my accent. It's like, what is she gonna say? ? What is she going to mispronounce? No . Well, I did turn off the air so that it didn't get in because we're using this one condenser microphone.

[00:18:37] So I didn't want the air unit to ruin our sound. So that's probably really what it's Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. There you go. The life of an audio engineer. you go. Um, so the question was how long we've been working together, right? Yes. Um, so officially it's been about two and a half years. That's the mark of pod match and the creation of the rest of it.

[00:18:58] But we, um, when we first got married, we worked together in a different business where Alex actually was my boss in a corporate setting. Um, so that was interesting. , . Um, we were together 24 7. We rode to work together. Our desks were 15 feet a party told me what to do all day. It, it got us ready for what we're doing now.

[00:19:17] It was a really great introductory for us working together, uh, creating something so new and still being together 24 7. Our offices are like five feet apart. . Mm-hmm. . Um, but yeah, so officially two and a half years. Nice. Sweet, sweet. Good stuff. I think for us officially what 2018 is when it was official, like on paper.

[00:19:38] Yeah. So, um, so going, going on five years, but unofficially it was before that. Yeah. Unofficially you probably started creating content probably in 2013 and, uh, everything just kind of mushroom from there. So from 2013 on, you know, started doing some podcasting, started doing some video on YouTube. Um, so we've been working together since then.

[00:20:04] Yeah. So 2013 and then officially on paper 2018. Wow. All right. We launched the Fallible Man, September 1st, 2020. That, that was the, we, we started putting stuff together, but that's the day we officially like got our LLC officially formed and, uh, decided, okay, we're really, we're really gonna do this. So, and we actually, I've been working a full-time job for years.

[00:20:30] Uh, I lost that job at the end of July due to, uh, my company losing major parts of their contract. So, like, this is our sole life now, uh, since August. But it's, uh, it's been a ride. Now here's the question that's gonna get everybody in trouble. Okay? So, , uh oh, we're here for it all. Ready? What is your spouse's favorite song?

[00:20:52] Oh, wow. Spouse's favorite song. I can go, I, I got this one, uh, hard Times by Paramore, at least during 2020. That was Alicia's favorite song, and it's like, , it's the song sing about hard times. And that was like a lot of people's 2020. But it does it in such a positive way. If you've ever heard the song, it's like really upbeat and fun.

[00:21:13] But if you listen to the lyrics, it's like, what the heck is this talking about? But, uh, Spotify agrees with me. That was her top song that she played that year, , and we happened to hear it last night random when we were at, out at dinner. And she can't help us start dancing and singing with it, even though like, I'm trying to have like a conversation with her.

[00:21:27] So I know that's her song. nice. . Yeah, that'll work for now. , I'm sure that'll change. Um, Alex, I don't think he would ever go on record as sing as a favorite song. He is a music junkie, likes all different types. Um, I would venture to say maybe it's something from Yellow Card that's one of his favorites, but there's can't pick a favorite song and I like that.

[00:21:50] She knows that. So yeah, that's where I'm at. She answered right the first time. Sweet, sweet Man. Favorite song. Hey, I, I have no idea what your favorite song is. I have no idea what my favorite song is. . I was just about to say, I think, I think for us, I think for us it's, it's seasonal, I think, or, or, uh, maybe so yeah.

[00:22:10] Wherever we are in, in life at the moment, I mean, and I'm so, I'm so all over the place with music, right? One day, you know it. One day it's a reggae song. One day it's a gospel song. One day it's hip hop. One day it's jazz. Yeah. You know, one day it's something my son put me onto that I didn't even know existed.

[00:22:28] you know, it's just so I'm all over the place. I think either one. Yeah. Yeah. Season or mood.

[00:29:54] One thing I usually don't share is how impactful the podcast has been for me personally. There's a lot I love and appreciate because I have the podcast. I become somebody who can approach people easier. I have a better network of people to call upon when I need 'em. I get to meet new people all the time from all walks of life and all over the globe and connect with 'em at a deeper level, and I have a voice to do what I love.

[00:30:16] I'm always put into situations where I'm having to stretch and learn something new, and I've really grown as a person and a professional since I started doing my podcast. And that was even before my show really started growing. I hired a company called Grow Your Show, who's our sponsor, by the way, and I wanted to share them with you.

[00:30:33] The owner, Adam, has one of the very best podcasts for teaching you how to be a podcaster. I honestly wish I had found it sooner. One thing that they've done to help me is to bring me to a much larger listener base so that my voice is being heard around the world. There's a good chance, in fact that they helped us connect, but they also do editing and post-production.

[00:30:52] They can even help you launch and start your podcast, which could really help you in your business or whatever you're trying to achieve. So I just wanted to give 'em quick shout out. I love to share great people and companies that I believe in, that I use personally. So that's Grow Your show@growyourshow.com.

[00:31:09] I have a link in the show notes, and if you have a podcast or you wanna start a podcast or you're thinking about it, just scroll down there, click that link and go work with my friend Adam. He's gonna treat you right. Welcome back guys. In the first part of the show, we were getting to know our guests a little bit because we have an incredible ensemble for you today.

[00:31:26] But now it's time to dig into how to run your business with your spouse. So the first question is, was there any anxiety about going into business together before you started? Hmm. And I don't know that we can do a long enough show for everybody to answer. Whoever wants to take this as welcome to jump in, or we'll take as much as we can on it.

[00:31:46] I don't think there was any anxiety when we got into business together. Um, I was pretty much done with my corporate job. So when Siemens proposed to me to get into business together, I said yes. Mm-hmm. , I think the challenges have come later in the journey. Um, yeah, maybe some of the, the true, the truer colors or the, the darker parts of maybe some of our, like how we are to work with came out mm-hmm.

[00:32:15] later, maybe a year or two after work, and so, yeah. Yeah. No, I, I was, I was always really excited to work with Veronica. Yeah, me too. Anybody else? I think for us, and, and I don't feel like there was any anxiety. Yeah. I don't, I don't feel like there was any anxiety. I think for me personally, the anxiety, if, I guess we could call it, that didn't arise until I actually stepped out of the corporate space.

[00:32:43] Yeah. Because for, for a while we're, I'm doing this, you know, I'm double dipping. So it, it was, it was okay, but for me, the anxiety came in 2021 when I was like, You know, God is kicking me in the back to do something that makes absolutely no sense at all. Yeah. and, and and, and the, and anxiety around doing that.

[00:33:07] And anxiety around how she might feel about me doing that. You know? And so, you know, really had to, you know, dig deep in terms of our, you know, really being intentional about a team to, uh, ease my anxiety around that.

[00:33:25] I, I'll share something real quick cuz Alicia and I didn't have any true anxiety, I'd say when it came to, to working together, but I had a moment that was very, it, it was an anxious moment for me. And at this point, I'd been in my professional career for about 14 and a half years, and this is months after we launched Pod Match, which is like our flagship product, and had started doing really well.

[00:33:45] It got to the point where I could see its lack of growth was due to my corporate job. And I'm willing to always really apply myself. So like I, I gave it 110% as long as I was there. So I, I believe the way you end one season is the way you begin the next. So I wanted to leave my corporate job well, but the writing was on the wall that had to leave.

[00:34:00] And the first person I was gonna talk to about that was Alicia. And I don't know why, cause she's always been so supportive, but that's just like a, that's a big life decision to leave your corporate job. Yeah. And so I sat her down and I just said, I think I have to leave my job that I've been at for 14 and a half years.

[00:34:15] It's made our lives very easy at this point. Mm-hmm. . And I didn't know what, I was like sweating when I, I told her and she goes, wow. And that was like her initial response. And then she goes, if, if it's time to do it, I, I trust you. I think we need to do it. And I'm like, that support right there, like made the rest of that transition very simple for me.

[00:34:31] But for that moment, that was like a moment I'll never forget cause it was like, I felt like I was gonna the boss and said like, you know, like, Hey, I think it's time to stop. But, uh, so that, that's the moment I'll share. Ever since then it's been, it's been really just a blessing getting to work together.

[00:34:45] Yeah. Nice. We had the same, same experience. Very same experience. Same experience. Exactly the same. I had a buddy tell me, you know, he was like, listen bro, I hear you and with you, God is telling you to do this. He's kicking you in the back. He was like, make sure that wifey is on board. A hundred percent.

[00:35:04] Mm-hmm. . And we had, I remember the conversation, it was Memorial Day weekend, 2021. We were driving to a barbecue and at barbecue was far enough away that we could have a really in-depth conversation and that, and same thing like with you, you know, that was the moment. She was like, all right, that's what God's telling you to do.

[00:35:25] Then we don't see, we don't see it, we don't see how it plays out, but we're gonna be obedient. And I put in my two month notice that very next day, . Yeah, you, you want the fun conversation? We do, you just lost your job and, and you're not gonna go look for another one cuz you're gonna do this full time.

[00:35:55] My, my company downsized and that was kind of the kick in the past. We, we had already talked being able to do this full-time, but my company downsized and lost over half his contracts and it was cheaper to keep the guys, I trained them to keep the guy who trained them. Wow. Mm-hmm. . So the conversation became, uh, I'm unemployed, but we're really close to making this work.

[00:36:18] Do I go back to looking for another job? Or are we really gonna, are, are we gonna take this, go with it? Mm-hmm. . So yeah. No anxiety about working with Sarah. Sarah's amazing, but, uh, losing that parachute definitely. Right? Mm-hmm. , yeah. Anxiety. Yeah. How do you guys run your business? Do you have separate roles or do you have overlapping roles?

[00:36:43] we have zipper roles and they also overlap as well too. Mm-hmm. , um, that's something that's kind of ongoing. It changes a lot. I, that's actually, I think one of the challenges at first too, is you sort of, uh, find a way to kind of decide whose role is which and who's gonna be like more of the, the CEO type personality and, um, who's gonna be more, you know, de determining what each roles are is something we're constantly experimenting with.

[00:37:11] And now finally, after all these years, we've kind of found more of what our roles are and we're kind of really starting to lean into that. And I think even just sort of take the, the business even more seriously than we were at first, even though we, I, looking back, I don't think we would tell you we weren't taking it seriously.

[00:37:28] I just don't think we had, our self-esteem was quite big enough or something for us to believe that we could do something. Legitimate. And maybe that was also, you know, you, you mentioned losing the parachute. Mm-hmm. . I think that's also kinda the feeling of not having the, the corporate jobs or the, the jobs that we had before because you are not sure you have what it takes to actually push the business mm-hmm.

[00:37:53] through that few years of, you know, that rite of passage stage that you have to get to before you really start turning. Yeah. And we didn't come from a business background. I was a, an attorney and Steven is an audio engineer, so we got into the business and we didn't , we didn't know anything about business.

[00:38:09] We didn't know anything about business. Yeah. And we didn't know how to manage ourselves because up until that point we had a boss and all of a sudden we wore our own bosses. Yeah. And, and the struggle of having to manage selves and be your own boss and then also with working at home, everything just is out the window and like, it's just get complete circus sometimes.

[00:38:29] Um, and so, . That has been the fun. I think that's been one of the funnest parts of all of it, is being able to try on different hats and whether you're a couple, couple entrepreneurs or a solopreneur, you have to wear so many different hats, especially in the beginning stages of your business. And that's been really fun.

[00:38:45] So yeah, it's been fun to bring different skills and different things that we're good on to the table too. Yeah. Steven knows how to edit video and he has, he has a back, a background in music production. So all of our content is looks, the way it looks at the beginning is because he had that background and I'm a writer, so I was able to take over the role of a copywriter for a company.

[00:39:12] No, I. Pull their things and, but we're, we're separate. And his studio is here in the third floor and my office is in the first floor . So if we don't see each other, we have Zoom meeting actually we found we're more efficient and that we take each other more seriously. Mm-hmm. as we're colleagues if we do our meetings through Zoom and instead of actually meet up.

[00:39:31] Um, and that keeps us in check and it keeps us timing things. And so we're constantly looking for ways to be more efficient. Yeah. Be more efficient. Not be distracted by the girl at work that you have a crush on or the tea chatter

[00:39:53] Um, we have very. Very clear in defined roles. Um, Alex is the visionary, the creative, more of like the c e o role. And I'm C o o I am all the operations, all the member services, um, everything behind the camera, just like Sarah, this is probably a third time I've done something like this. I just kind of pop in and say, Hey, sometimes and I'm out

[00:40:13] Um, but we are, uh, we try to be as efficient as possible, use a lot of different SOPs, um, that keeps us on track within both of our roles. Okay. I think for us, Ali is the more creative one and he is more of the a personality, so it's better for him to be on camera most of the time. And I think I'm better at editing, like captions and stuff like that.

[00:40:46] Um, well there was something else that I was gonna say that I do a lot more of. But we don't necessarily have defined roles though. Yeah, I think it kind of just fell, it overlaps. It kind of just fell to the person who either wanted to do it or, or it fell to the person who had to do it because the other person did not want do it.

[00:41:08] Understand both sides, you know what I mean? Like she does some stuff no matter you hear what's crazy right in, in the world that I came from, I'm coming from the IT space and I did a whole bunch of stuff in the IT space. Everything you could think of that could be done in the IT space, I probably did, but one of those was strategic communications for it.

[00:41:26] So I did a lot of writing at the end of my career. No matter how good I am at that, she's better and that's not even what she does. Right? So it, you know, no matter how good something is, I feel like I wrote, I'll shoot it off to her and I'll be like, babe, Can you handle that for me please? Please. Cause it's gonna, I know there's something that can be fixed, right?

[00:41:49] Yeah. So I think it kind of just fell to us just kind of knocking this thing out as a team and, you know, kind of putting everything in the pot of what needed to be done. Yeah. And then the person picking it out like, Hey, I, I can do this. Okay, cool. All right. I could do this. Okay, cool. I know though that your strength is, any, any video you see, the audio that you listen to our, all of that is him.

[00:42:14] I have no clue whatsoever. goes, I don't even know this, what is this even called? Soundboard? I dunno. None of that. Yeah. The technical stuff definitely does fall does, does fall to me. Um, primarily. So, yeah. I think Sarah and I have just kind of fallen into our roles as we've gone. She's much more comfortable.

[00:42:38] We meet out in front of the camera. As we discussed that Sarah does a lot of the engineering in the background when we're recording podcasts. Uh, she's usually, instead of on camera in the back, changing the scenes, putting in overlays, stuff like that. She does it on our live streams as well. Um, she's taking over part of screening our guests.

[00:42:58] She's taking over doing more of my pod match account and screening our guests instead of, uh, me doing all of it just to try and take something else off my plate and yeah. That's interesting. Yeah, Sarah, Sarah is finding this fun cuz there are a lot of great people on Pod Match but uh, you also meet some very interesting people on pod match for sure.

[00:43:18] Now we've talked about, uh, a little bit, but how do you separate family time from business time? Or does it kind of overlap for you guys?

[00:43:32] Uh, a little bit. I think it overlaps only because of scheduling and, and having to get whoever needs to go where, pick up the grandson, that type of thing. Somebody might need to stop working and quickly do that. So it may overlap a little bit, but other than that, I don't feel like it overlaps much. I feel like other than that it's pretty separated.

[00:43:56] Yeah, I, I would agree. I, I think, I think we have to be more intentional now though, than we ever have had to be in the past. Yeah. Um, with, with certain schedules. You know, if you're working nine to five or eight to six or whatever it is, we knew that there were pockets and periods of time that we're gonna be completely devoted to a, to a particular thing.

[00:44:16] Now it, it, you know, somebody said it to me like this and I was like, man, it's kind of true. You leave your nine to five. , uh, looking for the flexibility that comes with leaving your nine to five, but then end up working 24 hours. Yeah. . So now we're like, wait a minute, wait a minute. We can't do this. Like, we need time for ourselves, we need time to bond, we need time with grandkid, we need time.

[00:44:37] You know, so, and then the other thing too with us at least, is that you left the corporate space and I did not. Right, right. I still have my nine to five and at certain times of the year, it can be pretty demanding. Mm-hmm. . And so I work later at certain times of the year, so there's that. Yeah. So we really have to be intentional on making sure that there are some lines mm-hmm.

[00:44:58] uh, some clear lines that we can see For us, we, um, we do a, I think we do a pretty good job of knowing like when when's personal time and when, when is work time. Right. Uh, so for us, we, we just keep everything in the calendar so we know that, hey, every day at 6:00 PM that's when work stops. And even as far as like, Working together, like we have office hours of the day.

[00:45:21] So there's two separate times we're even allowed to have conversations together about work. But once that's over, we know that that's over. We, we close down the laptops, we lock up the offices, right? And we're done for the day. We've been very intentional with that, especially because my mind, I, I love to work and I love to create, so I, I can just like talk about it forever.

[00:45:40] So Alicia has helped me learn to identify and create that balance properly, which has been very healthy for us. So again, 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, uh, that's our, that's the switch. And then it goes into our, our our time, just us friends, all that type of stuff. But we know, leading up to that, we talk twice a day and that's how we, we maintain our personal and professional lives.

[00:46:00] Yeah. Wow. That's admirable. That yeah, that's where, that's where we would like to get to. And, and we have those conversations like, we need to get here, we need to close up shop. But, uh, and we're trying and we're doing good. I think that is probably one of the biggest, uh, um, struggles you could say of our business is how much that bleeds over into our family and into our, into our personal lives because we're just so, we get so excited about our business and new things that the new ventures around the corner and even on our date nights and things, it's like, we're not gonna talk about business tonight, right.

[00:46:33] On our date night list. And then we wind up the whole time talking about business . I feel like when we started our business, we used to be more, um, just talking about business all the time. But the more you grow into your business, I, I feel like the last, um, couple of years it's been a transformation. Um, we've, we've gone through a transformation with the business, so it, it.

[00:47:00] It pushes us, pushed us into having, uh, schedules and into having some set rules so we don't drive each other crazy. So we don't, um, fight. So we don't fight, or so that we don't have the burnout. So we don't have the burnout because burnout day and night talking about the business, then the other person has been working all day and here comes more about the business.

[00:47:26] I don't wanna hear, I just wanna have a meal. I just wanna play with the kids. So we are trying really, really hard to, to have those set schedules and to ah, follow our calendar and to be separated. Separated from each other when we work. So we're more efficient. And also we have three kids. And they're little.

[00:47:51] Yeah. Well, our 14 year old twins, they're like, and they have. all sorts of practices and piano practice and guitar practice and yeah, we have to drive him around. We have to, our four year old, we have to drive our four year old around too. And, and, and we have to do meal prep and we have to good for them and we have to make sure that they, everything gets done.

[00:48:11] So it's chaos sometimes, sometimes, and it's hard to manage. But we're getting there and now we have a team of, of, of, of people working with us. So as it's just, uh, yeah, we, we were forced to get more organized. Yeah. We're forced to get more organized and build the. , I guess you'd call it a productivity system.

[00:48:33] A productivity system, and all of that was us. And enlist help and enlist help Yeah. As well. Mm-hmm. and learn how to manage ourselves, learn how to manage our time. Um, you know, when you work for other people, you have that manager character that traditionally takes care of that for you. Mm-hmm. . And so that's been a big struggle that we're Yeah.

[00:48:51] Constantly fighting, but we're doing pretty good. Yeah. Our first hire was our cleaning lading. Yeah. And then a, a, a babysitting, uh, babysitter on the weekends. Yeah. And we consider those that are critical. Mm-hmm. , uh, employees for our company is, is the person who helps us clean our house. So, and, and take care of our, our help us take care of our four-year-old.

[00:49:12] Mm-hmm. . So

[00:49:16] long answers on, for us, hope. People wanna know these are real, these are real things, right. People wanna know. And the vulnerability insight you guys are providing is awesome. So, no, no worries about long answers. We wanna make sure that everybody who listens to this, whether it's our audience, your audience, whoever is getting the most out of the show.

[00:49:38] Mm-hmm. . Next, next question. Okay. How do you settle disagreements? Well put on a boxing gloves. I . Um, man, for us, I think for us, we, um, uh, wasn't always like this, but I think now because of where we are at the stage that we, we are at in our relationship now, I think we just try to look at the bigger picture.

[00:50:13] Like, what, what is the win? Like mm-hmm. , I shouldn't be trying to win and he shouldn't be trying to win, but what is best for us right now? Or what is best for. The relationship or the business right now, that's not always easy to do, but I think right now that's the stage that we're at. Yeah, I, I would agree with that.

[00:50:34] We're, we're, we've, again, like you said, we've kind of grown into that. Yeah. Um, we're, we're consistently trying to figure out what puts us in the W column, right? Mm-hmm. . So that may mean some negotiating between us, but then knowing that it's not me against her as much as it is us against, against whatever it is, so that we end up in the wind column.

[00:50:59] Right. So for us, it's, it's been a lot of that. And I, and I'm not, I think personality wise, I'm not really an argue. I'm not an argumentative person even to begin with. Right. So it's only gonna go, but so far , because I'm just not. That, that guy, you know, so I'm not either You're making me sound. No, no, no. I didn't mean it like that.

[00:51:20] I'm not saying you're, I'm not saying you're, but I'm, I, I'm, I'm not, I'm not. And so there's certain things, you know, that it's just not gonna go. But so far just because of our personalities. Right. And then couple that with, you know, we're really looking for ways to kind of make sure that, you know, any disagreement doesn't disintegrate us as much as it, um, is a catalyst for how we figure out the win, I think has been, has helped us successfully navigate and manage conflict.

[00:51:53] So I'm a bit of a calculated person, so this might sound a little weird, um, before I even mention that though. Uh, I said it earlier, but we always make sure that we fight for resolution not to win. And that's really important to Alicia And I like, we're, we're quick to apologize when there's a mistake. If there's one of us a little bit more fire than the other.

[00:52:09] It, it's Alicia, I'm. I always say she's naturally a fighter. I'm naturally a, a lover. Um, but that's just, uh, but again, nothing against her. She, she's, she's incredible and like, it, it's really done well for us as a relationship. Uh, when I say calculated, I come from big corporate, so I'm part of a really big business for 15 years.

[00:52:26] Systems, processes, SOPs are really important because believe it or not, people fight at work too, and that's why HR departments exist. Mm-hmm. and I always found that if there's a system for something, you fight about it a lot less. So if there's any friction that's cut being caused from a business perspective for Alicia and I, it means there's not enough of a system.

[00:52:42] There's not a clear role. And so it might sound a little crazy, like, oh my gosh, like you avoid fighting by building a system for something. But really, again, from my business background, because I got tired of sitting in HR rooms, , um, I just learned that it's important to take the time to develop the system, the clear.

[00:52:57] And so you don't have to overlap too much in that. Of course, it happens all the time still. Right? Like it's always gonna happen as the business grows and evolves. And that's when we go back to that core of, Hey, we're quick to apologize. We remember that, Hey, first and foremost, we are a couple. We believe that we're this earth to serve others because that's what Jesus wants us to do.

[00:53:14] And we're gonna for resolutions we get there as quickly as we and move forward. Mm-hmm. , that's fantastic. I love that. Mm-hmm. , that's good. Yeah. That's a very similar, um, you know, we just, it's all about the, the ultimate goal in the end. And, uh, you know, I think it, I don't know if it would be surprising to anyone to know that I think it's, it's me that tends to be a little more, um, fiery and, uh, I, I don't know why I was the diva, the diva in the mm-hmm.

[00:53:44] in the couple. , but we have, we, we have some really, I love, I think our arguments are really fun usually. Um, because they're always, they really are. They really are. We're trying to figure out the solution more than it is. Try to win. So I, I love the way that, that you both put that Yeah. And there's been an enormous amount of individual growth that has happened since we launched our business.

[00:54:10] And as, as a couple too, because, um, all of a sudden we have to like, just be very, very good at communicating, communicating what our goals are, communicating. So we are on the same page. Um, and we had to like strip, strip away from all of the bullshit mm-hmm. , all of the previous, um, ideas that we, that weren't serving us, I think.

[00:54:39] Mm-hmm. , um, it's. That I've always thought that that's the best part about entrepreneurship is that it sort of forces you. And even content creation, it kind of forces you to, um, deal with your demons and it kind of forces you to like, let, like actually take ownership for these things that you might need to improve or change about yourself.

[00:54:59] And so that's been really fun because the camera's on you, you know, the lights are on you and like it's time to go and, um, that's where it's been. Oh, it's been really fun for us to be able to, to do that. Mm-hmm. . Okay. Oh, sorry about that. No worries. Go and mute that. I'm, I'm the argumentative one. Sarah, Sarah likes back, so I like to exaggerate things and , but, but both of us are super, super competitive, like super competitive , so, uh, we, we really have to put ourselves through the paces every now and then when something does come up, just like, okay.

[00:55:40] Am I still arguing with her because I wanna win or because I, I just, I wanna prove I'm right or so we're, we're still growing in that area. We're, we're working this out. It is an interesting dynamic to add business to it as well as, you know, being married and having kids and, uh, it's been interesting to add business.

[00:55:58] That's actually the one thing we, I think, probably argue at the least honestly, is, is our business. Mm-hmm. , kinda find what works and what direction we believe we want to go and just go with it. And business is probably, yeah, the least argumentative portion of our relationship. Sometimes largely cuz she has to put up with me.

[00:56:19] But that's about, you know, you guys have set me time because you're together so often. What's me time, , Alicia and I both are really good about spending time with friends, uh, away from each other. We don't do that super often, but it's, it's important for to get around, like for me, like getting around some of my guy friends, right?

[00:56:42] Like I come back a better husband because of the type of people I hang out with and I spend time with. They encourage me in that. And I think that that's actually something that's often missing, especially for guys. I find like getting that time with other guys really does help you understand like, again, how to be a better husband if you're around the right type of people.

[00:56:58] Let me, lemme add that disclaimer there, right? And so Alicia and I are both very intentional to make sure that we, first off we get our time together. Cause obviously that's, that's number one. And past that, hey, let's make sure we go get a night where you're going out with girls. I'm going out with the guys.

[00:57:11] And that's been something we both just really enjoy.

[00:57:18] Yeah, I'm recognizing the importance of that in this, um, season of my life. Um, quite honestly, I was not as intentional about doing that. Now we've, we do our best to be intentional about us. . But in terms of me actually getting out there and saying, Hey, I'm gonna go hang out with some guys, I'm gonna, you know, be in this iron, you know, sharpens iron kind of environment.

[00:57:41] Um, I, I was kind of a loner for a lot of my life and so I'm realizing the importance of that now and, and slowly but surely getting a little, little better at being intentional in that area. The US time thing, I think like every couple, you know, there's room for improvement, but, um, I think we do okay with that.

[00:58:00] Yeah. The me time, cuz that was the question. Yeah. Um, yeah, I, I think I'm more prone to, to do that. Mm-hmm. more readily than Ali is, but yeah, definitely I. I think we're kind of the, on the opposite of that, um, I don't know if Veronica would know what to do with me time . Um, like, so when I think about me time, I think about like a, a bath maybe with like some salt and like some gives me so much anxiety.

[00:58:32] Some like, or like, you know, like some type of retreat or something. But yeah, the, the, the relax my time is sorting, organizing, cleaning the pantry. Mm-hmm. doing the laundry. Bowling the laundry. Mm-hmm. , Kohler coordinating the laundry. . Yeah. . Uh, so we're, we're definitely, we like being around each other too much to our own dismay probably, or to our own detriment.

[00:58:55] And so it's, uh, um, it's hard for us to schedule that meantime, but it is something we, we do and we, we try to schedule. Yeah. We don't have a lot of friends, so. Yeah. So we're kind of, you're my best friend. Yeah. So we kind of have to, we fulfill that. , at least currently in this season of our life, we're fulfilling all that burst off, so mm-hmm.

[00:59:12] Mm-hmm. . Now with that being said, we, uh, try to take some time apart from each other and, um, because, you know, our schedules are so hectic, sometimes it has to be late at night. Mm-hmm. , or very early in the morning. We both like to work out, so mm-hmm. , we just try to hit the gym at different times. Yep. You know, hold on real quick here.

[00:59:35] I realize, thanks everyone. I, I answered the question totally wrong. . Um, so Alicia and I are major extroverts, so our me time is usually spent with other people. We love that. But, uh, both, we both are very active in the gym and we go to the gym, uh, separately, so. Oh much. Yeah. So much like Steve, Veronica just said, like, we, we go separately and that's, that's our alone time.

[00:59:55] That's our me time, if you will. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . That's great.

[01:00:02] I am me card carrying extreme introvert in the group. Wonderful. . No, you're Notre. I'm holding. I'm holding the right behind.

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[01:01:12] We just have a room full of awesome with all these incredible podcast couples who are being vulnerable and sharing their very deep lives with you guys, right? A lot of behind the scenes going on today. Uh, if you missed the first part of the show, be sure go back and catch it, and we're gonna rolling right into this work inside the home or outside the home.

[01:01:31] Are, have you not tried both

[01:01:37] in terms of the actual physical space or you work actual physical space? Do you guys have an outside office or you all work from home? We work from home. Yep. We work from home. Work from home, yep. Yeah, we work from home. However, we do say a lot, man. It would be nice to just grab the laptops and go to Starbucks mm-hmm.

[01:01:55] and just work from there. Sometimes just for a different environment. I never thought that we would say that with, I've always worked from home, even in my corporate space for the past, I think like 10 years. And you didn't when you were in the corporate space and when he came home during the pandemic, I was like, I can't, you, you should not be here.

[01:02:17] This is not gonna work. This is not how I do things. That was an adjustment. Yeah. But, um, I think sometimes it's nice, even though we have a home office, it's nice to just be in a different type of environment when you're together all of the time. Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. Our goal is to have an outside office as well at some point, so Yeah.

[01:02:39] Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Like yeah. That's our goal. That's our goal too. That's our goal too. Mm-hmm. , Alicia. Yeah. We, um, both work from home in our home. Like my, I have like, A desk on wheels that it's like home is in our bedroom, but I wheel it out to the living room then that's my office during the day. So I have a good view, , and he actually has like a studio and office.

[01:02:56] But, um, we live in Jacksonville, Florida and thankfully the weather is phenomenal most of the year. And we take our laptops and go work at the pool and that's our way to go outside the house. Oh, nice. Beautiful. Awesome. We're coming over. Yeah. Yes, , we, we would love to, I, I would eventually like to have a separate studio space from, like, I have a studio in the house, uh, Sarah Homeschools our kids, has a bookkeeping business on the side and helps with this.

[01:03:26] And then I have my studio space in here. So we would eventually like to grow this to the portion where like I can pick up some office space somewhere and actually totally separate that. I don't like having, I, I've worked on the road or at an office or in construction for so many years that being home all the time.

[01:03:46] it's like mm-hmm. . I, I, I just feel like it's almost invading my, cuz I'm a homebody. Yeah. So I feel like it's, this is my retreat space. Mm-hmm. , so I don't like having our whole production right here in the house. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. . Understood. Definitely. How do you handle creative differences or even differences in the way you think the business should move?

[01:04:06] Hmm. That's a good question. Yeah. . Hmm. Yeah. I honestly, I don't know that we, we have that much of a difference in the way that the business should move, do you think? I don't think, probably not. We've, we've, uh, been, you know, obviously nowhere near perfect, but I think we've been pretty much on the same page around the direction.

[01:04:37] I think the, the goal is the same. We might have different ways of getting there or different ideas of how to get there. . But I think when, when that comes up, we just, I guess think of, okay, well what's, what's the best again? What's best for the business? What's the more efficient way to get to where we wanna go?

[01:04:57] You're thinking one way. I'm thinking another way, and let's not get hung up on whose thought is the best, but what is the best way for the business? Hmm. But as far as the goal itself, I think we have the same goal in mind. Yeah. In our case, Steven is divisionary, so he's like 10 years ahead, , and I am the technician and like my head down, getting the work done.

[01:05:21] And I think the way that we solve our differences, it's just. , I bring him to the reality and he kind of brings me, so we meet in the middle mm-hmm. . Yeah. He's like, don't you get excited about this? No, I, I get excited about money getting in my bank account. . Mm-hmm. that, that's how we're going to get to your plans 10 years from now, is by getting the money in the bank account.

[01:05:46] So we, we meant in the middle and we, we talk it out and there's been a few times that he's just not having it and I'm not having it. And we have to walk away and we have to separate and, and ma take a day off from the business and just kind of breathe and think, and then we come back and we talk it out and come to your resolution.

[01:06:09] But yeah, a lot of talking, a lot of understanding, a lot of, um, knowing our personalities, our different personalities, and just work, work around our flaws and things that we have . Yeah. I like that. Did you have something you wanted to add? Alex? N no. Like our, again, our systems are really like, we kinda already talked about that, but I saw the way Steve Veronica looked at each other when you asked the question, so I was gonna call them out, but they went ahead and answer on,

[01:06:43] we know how that feels. Mm-hmm. , yes, no, or no question. If you guys were wiped out today, lost everything you built, had to start from scratch. Would you start a new business with your spouse even if you had to take separate jobs to fund it for a while and build it on the side? If, if you lost everything had to start over, would you absolutely go back into business with your spouse again?

[01:07:06] Absolutely. Absolutely. Yes. Mm-hmm. ? So, yeah, throw, throw 'em one or two easy questions. We try.

[01:07:15] What is the top benefit of working with your spouse? Liking your coworkers? Finally,

[01:07:26] I'm glad you like me. Uh, you know, Alicia is, she's like, I'm not just saying this cuz she's here. She's very smart. So she's like, I mean, we've worked together for years. She used to own a clothing boutique. She's sold it. She, she's done very well. So bringing her in as like a c o is like a dream. So regardless if we are a couple or not, like she's so high level and does such a good job.

[01:07:47] Like it's a win regardless if that makes sense. So. Mm-hmm. for me, it was really easy. Yeah. Listen, I have to be good because you guys are just meeting me for the first time. I went completely left when I heard that question. I'm just gonna say that my mind went all the way over here somewhere. . But that is, that is ak.

[01:08:10] Let's working with.

[01:08:23] You know, what if that, that's still 20 plus years in your marriage? That's still exciting. And the first thing's coming to mind. , that's a great marriage right there. You guys doing well and setting the bar high. Awesome. Awesome. I'll take you . It's cool. That was more of a possibility. Thank you. Yeah. Before we started homeschool, that, that was a little more of a perk.

[01:08:44] Yeah. . Yeah. Piece of advice for anyone considering starting a business with their spouse in your experience.

[01:08:55] So my advice would be just make an inventory of your skills and, uh, your professional, uh, credentials and your experience and all that. And see where are the loopholes. Mm-hmm. . See where, uh, you're gonna need help and, and list help very quick. Cause in our case, we didn't know anything about business. I wish that we could go back and learn, um, more about business and business manage management and all that.

[01:09:26] That would be my advice is to immediately pick up, uh, business books and to start reading as many as you can and, and, um, audio books or however you like to consume that type of content. And, um, I wish we would've done that a lot earlier too. Yeah. If you have that background already, then you have an advantage.

[01:09:43] Then the only thing you need to enlist is the, you know, the people who are going to support you in moving your vision forward, but mm-hmm. , yeah. Just make an inventory of the things that you're bringing to the table, whether it is, uh, capital, whether there is money, whether it's the skills, whether it's the connections, whether all that, uh, helps and to see what is the help that you're going to need.

[01:10:06] Yeah. Okay. Anyone else? Yeah, I'll quickly say, just take it seriously. , it can feel like you're just playing work, right? Mm-hmm. sometimes, but you have to really take it seriously, like treat it like a business, not like a couple, just getting to do something fun. It should be that. Mm-hmm. . You have to actually sit down, intentionally have the conversation.

[01:10:30] This is a business first and foremost. And when you're able to really do that, that's how you build a separation of personal and professional. Mm-hmm. . Yeah, definitely. I like that. Mm-hmm. . All right. What is the next big project you guys are working on that you wanna share with everybody? Ooh,

[01:10:50] next big project. Um, there's a couple actually. Yeah. Uh, we're in the midst of a, uh, six week group coaching experience now with a couple couples. Um, and that's gonna be an ongoing project. Cohorts happening throughout the year. Um, you heard about the podcast in the beginning, so overcame, overcoming the Man Laws podcast is something that we're, we're looking at as well coming up.

[01:11:17] Um, what else? Um, well, it's not really etched in stone, but I know that this year we're trying to do a conference. We're trying to do a, we're trying to do some kinda conference for retreat. So that's, that's a big piece right there. Fun this year. Fun. So we have a few lunches, um, scheduled for this year.

[01:11:37] We're gonna be launching our, um, Curriculum based coaching program. Yeah, it's a group coaching program. We're doing that for the, the first time this year. It's a big, uh, shift in the way that we've been teaching podcasting. We did standalone online courses and now they're, we really want to have a more intimate connection with our students and actually be there to help them with accountability and actually see their podcast come to light and see their, their content marketing systems get built.

[01:12:06] And so we're doing really excited about that, getting in this more of a group coaching, and we're doing that periodically throughout the year. And then we're also starting a coaching program for freelance audio and video editors as well later in the year. And that's gonna be really fun too. Mm-hmm. . Nice for us.

[01:12:24] We're really doubling down on relationships and, and we do have a mastermind as well. It's funny everyone here mentioned like group coaches, stuff like that. So like just the relationships in that mastermind. But also, I mean, all, we believe that all business is human to human and we're doing our best to build proper systems and communication flows for our members.

[01:12:41] We run software companies. We have, we have the parent company and then we have three separate softwares under that. But we never want people to feel like, Hey, I'm doing air quotes here, A user or a customer or a client. Mm-hmm. , we want them to feel like a member of a thriving community. Yeah. So this year we've really devoted our time and our energy to figure out how to do that at a, a higher scale to really build that foundation for the future of, of the people that we get the opportunity to work with.

[01:13:06] Mm-hmm. . Nice. Awesome. Yeah, that's great. Our, our project, as we said, we're, we're two weeks out from our second conference, uh, our men's the Phoenix Conference. Uh, this is our second event. We've stepped up our virtual game a lot this year to try and, uh, expand that capability. And we're adding a physical component.

[01:13:25] We're having a strong man competition during the event. Uh, so we're very excited about what's going on with that. But guys, I wanted to bring you all here and for our audience listening. Okay. It wasn't an accident. Couples, I asked , all these couples have had a huge impact on us. Mm-hmm. , bring them in here with you guys.

[01:13:46] So, for little clarity, hey, there will be links like this will be the most linked , uh, you know, video description and, uh, show ever in the history of my podcast. Links for everybody's stuff. But this show, if you're enjoy, if you enjoy the F Band podcast. Thanks, Steven, Veronica, because this is where podcasting started for me.

[01:14:08] Awesome.

[01:14:13] On what my show was gonna be like. The tone of it, the personality of it. Mm-hmm. , I learned list from you guys', YouTube channel. I found you when I first started looking to podcasting long before I knew anybody else here. Oh, great. Nice. That's so fun. It's all you. It's all you. Yeah. It's all your work and your talent and your charisma.

[01:14:31] Thank you. Thank you for having us. I appreciate that. But you guys put in the foundation by creating just great information out there. Uh, as someone who is new to the podcasting space, it was huge. And then I met Alex and Alicia through the software they have. Uh, Alex invited me to Pod Match, I think when it was so almost in the beta form or right after it went live on LinkedIn and provides just incredible, uh, way to connect with amazing, amazing, uh, Yes.

[01:15:00] Thank you. Thank you. Guest. . , sorry, my emotional moment. Uh, and just, I used several other products they create, but, and you guys are succeeding. POD community is awesome. I love hanging out with Pod Pro community and Ya'all creating an amazing space for that. And then I met all over and Denise, I think, I'm not even sure where we connected originally while you were talking.

[01:15:24] I was, I was thinking the same thing I was <LAUGH> conference. That's, that's right. Kirk met a small group and connected and we just clicked. Oliver and Denise, supportive. They've been on the show several times, both in my livestream and this will be Oliver's second time speaking at my event. He was one of my original speakers as.

[01:15:45] And all of you, I've just created this amazing relationship with over time because of the effect and impact you have on my life. And I wanted to share you with my audience because you guys are something very unique. Most people are terrified of working with their spouse. . You guys are all in this space and working with your spouses and you guys are all putting out amazing products.

[01:16:10] Guys, if you guys are listening the pull of talent on the show today, follow their links. Get to know these people. They are amazing people. Cuz you know I only bring you guys the best. Now the answer for our silly question. If you dug a hole through the center of the earth from Wellington, New Zealand, into which European country would you emerge, the options were Germany, Spain, France, and Poland.

[01:16:38] Who, do you remember what we said? I was Poland. Mm-hmm. . I was You were Germany. The answer. It's Spain

[01:16:51] said, I'm outta here. Forget this. I'm done.

[01:16:57] Listen, let me tell you something, this, this further proves something that I just said recently that I consistently win when I listen to her. . I love it. . See, I know I'm gonna like, I'm gonna keep listening.

[01:17:15] for all you guys who are listening and are further curious more about this, uh, Veronica and Steve actually just did a great episode on podcast, which I did not know until I had already asked you guys to do this, but you guys actually did an episode on this recently on podcast. , uh, that was free show, by the way.

[01:17:32] Oh, thank you. He always backlogged on catching up with you guys. He was like, I came to that show. I'm like, man, I just asked them to do this . So you can go. Good timing. Catch that. Uh, for more on this, you guys, we hope you get to spend Valentine's wherever you wanna spend it with people you wanna spend it with.

[01:17:51] Have an incredible Valentine's Day on behalf of all these amazing people. Be better tomorrow because of what you do today, and we'll see you on the next one. Thank you. Thank you. This has been the Fable Man Podcast. Your home for everything, man, husband, and father. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a show.

[01:18:12] Head over to www.thefallibleman.com for more content and get your own fallible man gear.

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Oliver & Denise Marcelle

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Oliver & Denise Marcelle are the founders of Denoli, LLC (speaking, facilitating and mentoring/coaching). They’ve been married for 21 years, and have 3 children and 1 grandchild.
Even before starting Denoli, Oliver & Denise would find themselves mentoring couples, sharing their marriage testimony or even giving advice to singles. Out of a desire to be an encouragement to couples, they began blogging in 2013. The blog (Marriage Is Our Ministry) was created to share their marriage journey in hopes that it would resonate with readers and allow them to see that they are not alone in their journey. The blog was intended to be the only means of sharing, but Oliver and Denise quickly realized that God had other plans and was calling them to do more. They started getting requests to speak to married couples and as a result, they’ve had the opportunity to speak on marriage and relationship building in several states. They have been guests on radio shows and podcasts, spoken at churches, facilitated group discussions, and presented seminars they’ve designed.
Out of a passion for helping relationships grow and the desire to lower the divorce rate 1 marriage at a time, they co-founded Denoli LLC – a marriage enrichment and self-development coaching company. Their aim is to help married couples communicate without frustration and judgment, increase intimacy, and build the relationship of their dreams.
As authors, speakers and marriage strategists, they use seminars, coaching and all forms of social media to share their journey, offering a candid look into their own marriage, the goal being to encourage couples and help them explore, grow and learn together. It is Oliver & Denise’s desire and mission to ultimately guide couples into a relationship that mirrors the relationship Christ has with his church.
Oliver & Denise can’t promise you that they’ll save every marriage, but they promise you that they’ll do everything in their power to help you save yours!

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PodPros was created to serve the podcasting industry, both the independent show hosts and the guests who appear on their shows.
We believe that the primary way the world is being served is through podcasting. TV and social media are heavily agenda-driven and as a result, it’s impossible to find true independent voices using those platforms. Podcasting however is as raw as it gets. Because we believe in elevating the voices of independent people who have their own perspectives, we do all we can to help the podcasting industry thrive!

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Hi, I’m Veronica!
I’m a visionary and a natural teacher. I have a pretty (let’s just say) diverse background.

I grew up in a poor neighborhood in Cali, Colombia. While my family and friends were all very accustomed to the life and the traditions of society there, I simply was NOT!

I worked my ass off and did everything I could to find myself in a new and adventurous situation. And like many other dreamers from poor countries. I had my heart set on the States.

I blame movies and television. I just couldn’t believe that people lived like that.

My insane ambition led me to graduate as an industrial engineer and learn to speak English.

Once in the states, I then shifted my passions toward law. I made my way through law school in a second language (let’s just say I’m still traumatized). Which led me to work in corporate law.

The extensive writing and research I did as a lawyer have given me unexpected strengths in the content creation process and in the collaboration and work I do with my clients and students.

The passion I have developed for podcasting, social media, and video creation has taken me by surprise.

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I’d be on YouTube and helping people to achieve their personal and professional dreams through content creation, I would have laughed. Fast forward to today, where I could not imagine myself being anything but.

Today I’m happy to introduce myself as the Branding and Content Strategist for the Pod Sound School. I’m also everyone’s favorite instructor of our Premium Online Courses.

My skillset and genuine concern for you and your project will be an invaluable asset in your pursuits. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Hey Podski, I’m Studio Steve.
I’m the guy that produces, records, sets up, and edits all of the content for the Pod Sound School. I’m a retired video editor and podcast editor.

My background has always been in making stuff and creating experiences for audiences. I was lucky enough to be one of the first boys in the neighborhood, whose parents purchased one of the earliest consumer video cameras. Maybe you remember, it’s the kind that you put a whole VHS cassette tape into and you had to plug it into a television set to be able to see what you were recording.

I must have only been 5 or 6, but I think this was the time when I became obsessed with video and audio production.

From then on my life always revolved around recording audio and video and collaborating with other equally obsessed creatives.

I worked my way up through the rankings of a fancy Hollywood recording studio. I learned what all those buttons do on those fancy mixers!

Then, I started my own recording studio, where for years I made a living producing music and also teaching people one-on-one lessons in audio production and editing.

But my continued passion for video led me to film school, where I took my audio skills and applied them to indie film and tv projects.

And then, just a few years ago, I fell into the world of podcasting. And all the crazy things I had been working toward all those years, just made sense. It all just fit into place.

Now I’m the creative director and producer for the Pod Sound School, and also one of the instructors of our Premium Online Courses.

I also like to think I have a fun teaching style and I’m probably the only one that thinks I’m funny. But when it comes to a teacher for audio and video production, you really couldn’t find a better candidate for the job.