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How to Instantly Look more Confident

How to Instantly Look more Confident

The Audio is a little wonky, still very listenable to. Had a problem with my recording that day.
Welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast, your home for all things Man, Husband and Father. We provide content to help men become the men they want to be. My na...

The Audio is a little wonky, still very listenable to. Had a problem with my recording that day.


Welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast, your home for all things Man, Husband and Father. We provide content to help men become the men they want to be. My name is Brent and I Am the Fallible Man! 

I am not perfect, I don’t have answers, but I am on a journey just like you, maybe we can help each other.

On today’s Show: How to Instantly Look More Confident. Everyone wants to portray confidence whether you are trying to impress someone socially or professionally. In general we want to appear confident because it also makes you safer; people are less likely to challenge someone who appears confident. Stick around to the end for a helpful tip on how to execute our suggestions more effectively.



Body talking Points:

  • When you move slowly & comfortably you subtly communicate to other people that you do not feel scared & pressured. That is perceived as confidence. 
  • Big Fast Movements can also be confident, but you have to evaluate what you would do if intimidated and move away from that. 
  • Move at a pace that is self-determined over what than environment determines
  • I.E.       Pray movement versus Predator movement


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  1. The person who ends the conversation & walks away usually the one with more power in a given situation. Let’s note that this only works if you ”End” the conversation, not if you ”pout” or throw a fit and walk away.
  2. Showing your back communicates that you are not concerned or threatened by their presence – Go back to the prey predator scenario, lions and crocodiles don’t worry about prey animals being all around them.
  3. But don’t be a jerk either, this movement used incorrectly will communicate to people that you do not consider them valuable or worthy of your time. For Example when someone enters a room stand up head on, shake their hand and greet them. This conveys confidence whereas ignoring them makes you look bad.
  1. You can do this by being more honest especially where you think it might set you back socially. 
  2. Comfortably presenting what others would see as a vulnerability or fault nonchalantly makes you seem to not be concerned about how others view you.
  3. Don’t over play this and throw it out as useless and out of context times.
  4. For Example: if you have a goofy or different hobby that you think other people might judge, you’re often better off speaking about it with enthusiasm rather than downplaying it if it comes up or is asked about.


  • EXTREME NON-Reactivity
  1. When we see people easily succumb to the emotion of a situation or people around them and react emotionally because of it, it makes them look unstable and easily manipulated.
  2. When we see people who are resilient & their demeanor is not affected by the emotional or environmental stimuli we see stability.
  3. Calm people who are not easily triggered are seen as more confident & capable. Whatever is coming at them that they can handle. 
  4. Build up an internal calm so you are not always in constant reaction to the world.


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