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Confucius was Stupid

Confucius was Stupid

Welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast, your home for all things Man, Husband and Father. We provide content to help men become the men they want to be. My name is Brent and I Am the Fallible Man!
I am not perfect, I don’t have answers, but I am on a journe...

Welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast, your home for all things Man, Husband and Father. We provide content to help men become the men they want to be. My name is Brent and I Am the Fallible Man!

I am not perfect, I don’t have answers, but I am on a journey just like you, maybe we can help each other.

On today’s show we are talking about the all too common horrible advice of “Do what you love” We will talk about why this is a horrible idea. What you should do instead. Stick around to the end and get to the bottom line of why that is horrible advice.

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I hear this all the time on TV, social media and in every bright eyed up and comer. Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. Confucius said it first as far as I know but it has been parroted by millions of people throughout the years. It is actually more possible to make that work than ever before in history. We have found new and creative ways to monetize things that have never made money before. The internet era is amazing and it is still crap advice

  1. The first reason this is stupid advice is the fact that it does not account for age and time
  2. The Second reason this is stupid advice, the world is fickle. Markets change, platforms change and fads change.
  3. The third reason it is stupid advice, What happens when it fails, what now?
  4. Create a Plan – Yes, I want you to love your life and be happy. I also want you to have a roof over your head and
  5. Implement the plan – Find an employer (for now) that can use your Primary job skill and go to work for them. You will build expertise and hands on experience making you more valuable in this role. This is earned income
  6. Start building and grow your side hustle.


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